AAHHH...square nails


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Christie's Nails

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Jan 11, 2003
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Hawaii, USA
I have been blunting off those oval nails...now I have nice square nails...still a little short but coming along!
This is my 4th week (after full set) with Young Nails. I did not bring the smile line down...just did not have the strength yesterday....lol Since my white line is growing out I put one coat of OPI Serenade (soft french color) and some little dots and flowers to disguise. So far so good with these nails!

Those lookreally nice christie

have been practising the flowers but no where near as good as yours yet :( but i will keep trying :)
Very nice Christie, what a pretty way to disguise outgrowing your smile lines :thumbsup:
1st of all your nails look GREAT :thumbsup: 2nd you ask for more people to post their nail art pics on the "nail art board" and look at you :arg: LOL...now you know better than this :hit: i hope you know im just kidding with you :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: i just felt like haveing a laugh :goal: because gosh i really needed it . Im getting excited, nervous and scared all together at once :confused: im just ready to get state board over and done with LOL i can see hitting 31 yrs of age my patience is getting very thin! LOL...oops did i just mention my age :oops: Keep up they great work girl..your nail art is awesome! :salute:
I hardly counted this as nail art... I was all happy with my nails and everyone keeps posting (beautytech) about the art! lol

I will try to keep my posts in the right department...kidding

I am excited for ya Gail! Pretty sooooon!!!!

Lol..now we know how old you are! Ok to make you feel better...I am 28...for the 5th time. what?
:D Those nails are absolutely fabulous. First class!!
Christie....You are so very talented. You make your artwork look like a walk in the park till someone like me tries it! I had a mess. I know that practice makes perfect, but it's going to take me A LOT of practice. I also got my sample of Young Nails in and will get a chance to soak my current set off & try it. I guess that's one of my most unfavorite things to do. When I see Educational Class info & they say to come with one hand free of product. I start thinking...Yuk...I don't want to do that because I don't have time.
I love your work. Your designs are incredible. I like your nail sets too! You are really gonna be an industry star in the near future! Can you post me another pix of your super neat nailroom so I can get inspired? If you want, you can send it to me in Email. Our Golden Retriever went "hyper" :shock: ran thu my nail room & knocked things down. My children had her chasing them. :x It made me so disgusted that I don't even want to go back inthere for a few days! Seeing your nice & neat set up will inspire me-I hope! ;)
Have a nice evening!
I have rearranged my "corner" since I made that little slide show. I will have to take some new pics one of these days.
Very nice! Awesome work. I must agree with Brenda Lee, that you will be star in the nail industry! Shoot you already are as far as I am concerned! You are fabulous girlfriend!!! Absolutely an inspiration to everyone, especially to those of us relatively new!! Keep on postin!!!
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