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Imani Naghten

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I've recently completed my course to be a nail technician and now work at a salon. I've just been told that my qualification isn't actually accepted in certain boroughs in London and I was just wondering if anyone knows if it is accepted across Europe?

For example if I wanted to work a few weeks in Berlin or Lisbon would I run into problems trying to find a salon that would accept me?



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ABT is a UK based company so there is no guarantee that other countries would accept the qualification.

ABT is the leading supplier of accreditation in the UK so it's quite likely other countries would look favourably at your qualifications and there may be a simple way to convert your accreditation to match their requirements but it's going to be on an individual country to country basis. Unless we have an Geeks specifically based in Berlin or Lisbon (which I don't think we do) it's unlikely you'll get specific answers. You'll have to take your lead from the Salon in country you want to work in, they will know the local requirements. Of course, all that could change at the end of January when Brexit happens, you may not even be entitled to work in those countries anymore. There are no definite answers yet.

Imani Naghten

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Thanks Trinity! Oh yes I somehow forgot about Brexit haha. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

Thanks for such a helpful response :)

Imani Naghten

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I was also wondering if there was such a thing as an NVQ conversion course?