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Sep 8, 2006
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Hi everyone,
I am qualified to teach and just starting to look at my options.

I have been approached by a local beauty wholesaler who has asked me to write 2 training manuals for them to send off to the Guild for accreditation.
If they are accredited they have said I can only teach for them not for myself..

Thing is I have a nice salon at home big enough to teach in, do you think it would be best for me to try and get accredited myself and teach from home as it would cut my travelling expenses and I could earn more this way, and think i would enjoy it alot more too.

Does anyone else do this?
I would like to hear your thoughts and experiences.

I am also pregnant and think it would help to be at home teaching although any income from teaching would be a bonus too!
could you not go through the other place first to get some experience and then start writing your own courses later on?
I have been running workshops at my salon for a while so Im ok with the experience side of things as feel pretty confident, but just havent been able to run full courses that can be insured once passed.

The money they are offering at the wholesalers isnt great but they will pay for the accred, but then I can only use it there.....its like swings and roundabouts!ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
well then, what is stopping you?

you are obviously ready to go with the accredittation route yourself.

I don't know who you are going through, but FHT charged £100 per course and it was only valid for 1 year.
I think you are right there Hippy chick, my instinct says go with myself but I worry about letting others down! Im a bit soft sometimes!

The FHT are reasonable by the sounds of that but my insurance is with the Guild so I was presuming I would have to go with them. I will have a ring round tomorrow and find out.
Thanks for your advice.x
Andy aka Axiom has just had some of his courses accredited,
i am sure if you send him a pm he would be happy to give you some advise on how the accreditation thing works hth
and good luck with which ever route you decide to take :hug:
Andy aka Axiom has just had some of his courses accredited,
i am sure if you send him a pm he would be happy to give you some advise on how the accreditation thing works hth
and good luck with which ever route you decide to take :hug:

Lou, you're absolutely right - in fact I'm finishing the process as we speak!

Ash, you don't have to go with the same providers that you get your own insurance from, but I have to say that The Guild have been brilliant with the accreditation process. Louisa is a member of this forum and is really helpful - you can PM her through this site, I'm sure she'll be happy to point you in the right direction:

When registering with The Guild, there are several forms you need to fill out that give an overview of your course content (including training hours and details of any case studies), a description of your training establishment, contact details, and details of your own qualifications. You also have to include a copy of any training material and course certificates handed out, your teaching qualification and your own beauty qualifications with your application. The price will allow you to register up to 12 courses with The Guild, which are advertised on their excellent website and to their members, and you also get to use their logo in your own advertising. If desired, you can register more courses for a small additional fee.

The price of registration with The Guild really is very reasonable and it's a straight-forward process. I strongly recommend doing it idependently rather than being tied in with a wholesaler, that way you retain the copyright on your material. If the wholesaler in question wants you to run courses for them, you can still do it on a freelance basis, it just gives you more freedom this way.

Hope that helps :D

Andy x
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Have you thought about running mentoring courses (as I do)? As I'm sure you know, a piece of paper saying you're qualified does not mean that you can do something well. My students will have their qulaification but they want to master a particular my case it's waxing.

When I trained in nails, I got my qualification and then paid a local tech for private training. She ran a very busy, successful salon and I learnt more from her in those sessions that I ever could have done on my course. It was money well spent.

Do you specialise or do you teach general beauty? xxx
The Guild sounds good!

I was going to go through the accreditation with FHT, because thats who I held my insurance with.

You needed to supply the training manual which included health and safety section.
The certificate that you would supply.
Case studies, if any.
Times of training.
Your full CV with certificates of teaching and assessors qualifiications, etc.

I decided not to go ahead in the end, but I know that I will definetly go that route eventually.

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