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Feb 21, 2016
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I just want to put this out there as I have been asked by an older client that is 20-30% grey naturally and for some time I have been reducing her blonde highlights so that she could allow her natural colours to show through, and now has decided to go for the current grey trend, I have lifted all of the colour and I lifted enough(no yellow tones) with bleach, then applied a toner and then carried on and applied the affirmative gothic range base 10, as she didn't want to be too dark, but the colour has faded within a couple of weeks, I'm perplexed as I've done this several time for different clients and found no fading on the colour. Am missing something here any ideas as to why it hasn't lasted??
That was supposed to say affinarge range!
Try the lilac grey in the Schwarzkopf, it's lovely
Toners don't really last. What shampoo does she use? I use fudge violet toning shampoo & conditioner every time I wash my hair as mines grey. If I don't use it just once the colour fade is ridiculous! X

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