Acidic gels?


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Anna from Toronto

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Jan 11, 2003
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Toronto, Canada
Can gel itself be acidic or non acidic?
I thought that PH is reffering to liquids......


Anna from Toronto said:
Can gel itself be acidic or non acidic?
I thought that PH is reffering to liquids......


Well, I'm not 100% sure about this, but it is my understanding that most gels contain acid. This is one of the features that Creative made sure to avoid when developing Brisa gels. They also made sure the product was hypoallergenic as well as gluteraldehyde free. IOW the mission was to eliminate all the negative apects of other gels when formulating BrisA Gels. I am dying to hear your verdict on the product, anna. I value your opinion.
Ok, I was confused here...reading some description about L&P being acidic and some gels being acidic (so the end product beeing acidic rather then acid used for the production of it).....and I thought that its only liquids that we can measure PH.....

just little confused :o

PS. About Brisa....of course me being a total product junkie I had to try it.
I love the pink colour, very rare to get such a nice color in gels.
It does look like L&P.
White Builder is little difficult to work with (to get smooth), but that's because i'm not used to the gel.
Smile lines I got very very crisp :biggrin:
I have to wear it for a while to see how it wears :)
Also I really like how BRIGHT the gel looks

PS. I'm not a big fan of "paint on whites" but Brisa White Paint gel applies and levels very nice. The smile lines turned out better with Builder White.

I mixed tiny bit of clear in white builder so it flows a that OK :o
As long as you are getting the result you want from your white builder then I would think it is OK.

I know that when formulating in the lab, they wanted to get the white really bright so it is a tad stiffer. Takes a little getting used to but you can't get such a white without the consistency changing. I know that the next thing to be released is a not so white for those that prefer that look.

As far as I am aware, you can measure the pH of ANY liquid substance NOT solids. So I do not think that one can determine the pH of the finished enhancement .... BUT ... I'm not certain about this. Just logically arguing the point with myself!
We will have to get he geek on it with Doug.

Thank you for givning us you opinion of Brisa ... let us know how it 'wears' for you. I have to say it has been on my big toes for 6 weeks and wearing perfectly .... so pleased.
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