Acrylic allergy-are there any techs out there who suffer?


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Feb 6, 2012
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I'm trained in acrylic but have become sensitive towards all acrylic containing products :( mega sad about it as I really dont wana give up wot I love. Is their any other techs out their who also suffer? If so what products do u use? And how do u manage with working without offering acrylics? Struggling to get clients as acrylics are so cheap in demand
Are you sure it is acrylic? What exactly? Skin problems?

I have a serious problem with desinfectants I use, stuff is great, but I have to wear thick gloves when I take my tools from it and rinse it later.
I thought I had acrylic allergy, I was fighting 2 years with it - steroids etc, but finally I noticed it was desinfectant, other stuff was only irritating wounds I had. Gloves helped, I have no problem with nail product anymore.
Hope you can figure it out!
It's def the acrylic I Thot it was the cuticle oil at first as the small blisters start around their first but after afew hours I develop small blister on the tips of my fingers and all up to my knuckles. I've had allergy tests an they all showed positive towards acrylics :( I'm fine with brisa CND but as in trained in acrylic I don't want to train on gels and it be a waste of yet again more money if I can't get a job or rent a table without being able to offer acrylic any ideas? Do u think theirs call for a tec who just specialises in hypoallergenic nails? Thots welcome any one please
Hi, ive developed a reaction to acrylic too - itchy blisters, itchy hands that then all peel and crack. This has now progressed to wheezing at the smell of the monomer. I did start to manage it by wearing gloves, but the itching and blisters still appeared. I have 'managed' it temporarily by taking an anti-allergy tablet form the chemist an hour before and then a few afterwards, and some steroid cream seems to halt the blisters turning into peeling. This is obviously not ideal, and a bit scary! I am waiting for my Hard Gel Training and will be switching to this.

Luckly I am self employed mobile, so I can spread the acrylic treatments out, but I'll never be able to get a full time job in a salon as I wouldnt be able to stand the smell and my skin woudnt be able to take it. I guess if the smell dosent affect you, you could still rent a table and choose which treatments you offer eg Hard Gel instead of acrylic?

So frustrating though, as over exposure was never mentioned during my training, and its now ruining my career :sad:
Envy has some good points here...

You may also want to search forum for more helpful tips on handling your allergic reaction because this does happen (you'll see how many threads pop up on the subject when you search), and you are not alone. :) There are quite a few options available that hopefully work for you. It's really unfortunate most trainers don't cover the topic of over exposure, or they do but mislead people into thinking gel wouldn't give a reaction (because it does!).
Sadly there are many techs who have to give up as a result of allergys developing ...

More sad for me is it's completely preventable and this info should be drummed in during training ...

I couldn't agree more it's so upsetting to find something u love doing and are great at and u get over exposed to the acrylic. This is defo what caused my problem it was not covered at all in my course shame on them. I'm going to do gels now and bite the bullet and stop acrylic completely it's really not worth my health and I can't even wear gloves as they make no difference at all :(
It's really unfortunate most trainers don't cover the topic of over exposure, or they do but mislead people into thinking gel wouldn't give a reaction (because it does!).

To add to chickafish's great reply here is the ladder of sensitivity

Product Allergy - 30-09-05, 01:57 PM
Just thought I'd add this in for everyone's sake -

The ladder of sensitivity... the higher you go, the more sensative you can become... leading to nasty allergys

Top of the ladder - highest chance of allergy
|_| Traditional Gels
|_| Odourless liquid & powder
|_| Low odour liquid & powder
|_| Ema Liquid & powder
|_| brisa gel
|_| Wraps & resin
Bottom of the ladder - lowest chance of allergy

Oh dear, another person suffering the same reaction as me!
I feel so sorry for you because its horrible, is potentially very damaging to business and is frustrating as it limits what you love to do! :irked:

My doctor today said for me to STOP using this product straight away as my reaction has been quite severe... Lulled into a false sense of security after a 4 days break from doing any acrylics I gloved up (double - cotton & nitrile) last night very carefully and did a set. Today my blistering, swelling, redness and crazy itching has returned with a vengeance! :sad:

Doctors advice... STOP using the product immediately, Take anti-histamine tablets for two weeks, Apply E45 Itchy, & DO NOT try another product until it has cleared up... Not great news

I have purchased CND Retention+ after viewing this site (decided against Gels as many people suffer from this too) and am now waiting for my hands to clear up before I give it a go... FINGERS CROSSED!!!

I hope you find a solution soon, and if you do PLEASE let me know!

Best Wishes
I also have a allergic reaction and I have found that if I double glove with nitrile gloves only not cotton and wrap my first 3 fingers on my right hand with flexi wrap I'm fine and don't get a reaction its not ideal but its better than having to stop doing nails.I hope this helps it took me a long time before I found a soloution.x
Thanks for all the great advice guys it's really geting me down but I think I'm gona give the brisa or light elegance a go and c how I react fingers crossed!! As no ammount of Ppe works for me :( id love to know how u get on with the retention landp Louise my finger are crossed for you if any one can give me any advice on the brand light elegance or has used it I'd love to know if uve reacted to it
Hi again, just had a thought last night. !!!! Yes it did hurt:biggrin:

Have you tried Dip and GO/ Quick Nails or I think it is also known as Tip and Dip ? The Edge do a range for this and I am sure you can find other companies that offer the same type of product. There is no liquid Monomer only Resin and Powder with Activator. It is quite an art to get the Apex looking as nice as L&P but at least you can still offer an Acrylic treatment and at the same time avoid the Monomer. There are some videos on you tube showing how they are done, I think Star Nails have one and also Angel Nail products.
I agree it is not as much of an art form as the three bead or one bead method amongst others but it is quick and fairly simple to do. Some techs do offer this service as an add on for clients who don't have much time but I think it is charged at a lower price due to it taking less time.

Good luck
Just throwing in a bit of an idea on the whole Acrylic Allergy thing.

I too came out in blistered fingers, palms and backs of hands and itching like crazy to the point of distraction, initially I thought too it was a reaction from over exposure from my lengthy set of Acrylics I did the evening before (heat setting acrylic fast and like rock) BUT that night I began getting them on my feet, toes and soles. Itching like crazy, I couldn't work out how the acrylic filings had gotten to my feet.

The next morning I had a familiar feeling all over my body, the swelling, intense itching, blisters quickly forming.... I suffer PLME - polymorphic light eruption, in short I am allergic to the suns strong UVA and UVB rays, as we had no warmth build up just instant sunshine I reacted very quickly and with none of my usual build up warning signs.

Now going into gymnastics tonight almost half of the kids have exactly the same blistering itchy spots on their hands and some on both hands and feet, those that have been to the docs have been told it is a reaction to the sunshine due to the instant change, it is NOT prickly heat but most deff a reaction, you don't have to be sunbathing just walking around exposure can set it off and it can take up to 3 weeks to settle (I find this with my own allergy)
Anti histamines and a cream called Eurax both help.

So my idea is maybe don't settle for only the acrylic allergy thought BUT consider the weather too, give it 3weeks and for the cooler weather to come back and try acrylic again. It would be a shame to stop doing what you love or change your product when it could be weather based.

Lou, your reaction is identical to what I see last night and what's prompted me to write this, for what it's worth my allergy gets worse in the evenings when the temp cools a little and the constant desire to hairbrush my body is horrendous.
When I was younger I used to cover myself in cotton long sleeves and nothing stopped it or made it better, I just had to wait the 3weeks for it all to go down, the swelling to stop and the blisters to dry out.

I hope this helps someone at least.
Im so sad that this many people are suffering as nail techs , i have gone from acrylic once my hands got better on too gel , tried cuccio, nsi, brisa,gelish, eveything and my hands have still flared up , surly you would think these companies in this day and age would launch somr products for us girls that have allergies :sad:

if anyone finds asolution and like wise please let me know , its killing me not working and killing my purse too
Louise I'm allergic to retention, so try ONE finger, just touch it. That's all. Do NOT apply it. lol.
Here's my list so far...
Allergic to
retention , but I CAN use the radical/solar, no problem.
allergic to ibd soak off pots, I CAN use the bottled just gel.
Allergic to
opi clarite,
opi gels,
Star Eco soak off gels
I CAN use
forever French - both regular gel and soak off gels, but I don't know if she ships out of the states.
Please feel free to ask me anything vía facebook, its an awful thing to go thru. And strikes me randomly as I try new products. If you haven't felt this for yourself, there is NO way to accurately describe this horrific sleep depriving situation.
Oh nooo! That sounds like a nightmare, i do feel for you.... Im not an 'allergic' type person so I cant understand it... more tough as nails tbh!!But clearly im not on my own here!

It was a toss up between trying the CND retrention OR radical! Hope ive made the right choice! Its only a trial pack so not too much money invested... we will see what happens tonight!!

Hi Hun

I have a terrible reaction to acrylic!

I had a fantastic nail business was so busy and loved it then one day woke up sneezing wheezing runny itchy nose for days after :-(

If I breath any of it now I get the above reaction it stopped my career dead and for ages I was so depressed because I loved nails and I was good to.

I'm also allergic to brisa, bio gels and the only product I can use it shellac

But I picked myself up went back to college trained in beauty and now offer shellac manicures waxing tinting and I'm doing a Flirties eye lash course on the 20th and I'm excited once again

I lost hundreds of pounds after buying my acrylic stuff but the allergy will never go away once allergic that's it but to he honest there is plenty of other skills I can put my talent to :)

To he honest I don't want to be breathing acrylic fumes everyday for the rest of my life! And I'm finding my shellac clients prefer shellac to acrylic do happy days
I have the same problem, I use ezflow. I now wear a washing up glove, this has seemed to of helped. Just make sure you get a small one, so you can still move about properly!
It IS a nightmare. o_O. blisters under my nail beds and on fingertips, itching up to and sometimes past my elbows. It's like its the bones that just can't get to it... Loss of sleep. Ugh. Lots of benadryl cream and zyrtec. But I'm not above trying something new, lol. I'm just very cautious!

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