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Feb 16, 2009
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I am qualified in acrylic nail extensions and just wondered if I done gel nails in the salon would I be covered through my acrylic certificate?

When I was in college there was a unit to do acrylic, gel, sculptured and fibre glass all in one and it was under nail extensions - I never got this unit finished so I had to then go and do private training for acrylic nails. Was thinking that gel and acrylic are applied the same way so would I be covered for this or do I need to go and train about the gel products?
I can't comment on being covered (eg. insurance)

But I can 100% recommend you get training for a new system such as gel... It is very much not the same application as 'acrylic' and will cause a lot of grief for you if just launch yourself into it...

I would always recommend conversion training with the brand you are planning to use.

good luck!

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