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Just wanted to say "wow" to the examples of advice given in Gigi's post. I always think that it's great to give our clients some titbits and also use the advice as an opportunity to dispel some myths about damage - and this does it perfectly without patronising our clients' intelligence! The more info we can stuff onto aftercare leaflets the better!!!

I also believe now - after some years! that soak offs should be performed in the salon and not at home as so much unnecessary damage is caused even with the best will! Trying to "help" product off near the end of the soak defeats the object entirely and so many clients grab a tool to scrape off the last remnants :rolleyes:
I have my 10 Commandments which I give to all my new clients. They sign the client consultation form to say they understand and have been given this. It is available on my website if you want a look.
Here is some aftercare advise I saw in a salon recently. I liked the way the technician approached it as she is really making a 'partner' out of the client and explaining the responsibility that the client assumes in the looking after of her nail enhancements. There is nothing specific to any system, just good general advice nd some explanations.


We need YOU ,to help US, to keep your nails beautiful!

Treat your enhancements like you would do you own nails if they were all perfect ...........

Use SolarOil daily to adjust moisture balance ...........

Don't use your nails as a tool ..........

Remember the artificial enhancement has a natural breaking point, this means when the pressure to the nail gets too much, the enhancement will and is meant to break, for your safety.
If there is to much stress applied to the nail, the enhancement will break, causing no damage to the natural nail ........

If possible , bring the broken, nail with you, so we can asses the problem ........

Please do not pick at the enhancement, this will cause nail distress and weaken the natural nail underneath ................

Please do not use Superglue to do ‘home repairs’, you could be causing more damage then you realize ....................

If you should encounter any problems, call us immediately and we will do our possible best, to rectify any problems ... Don't wait until your next scheduled appointment ...........

We are here to help you to keep your nails beautiful .............

Unless there is a product fault, it will be necessary to pay for all replacements.

I usually advise customers to come back 2-3weeks for a rebalance it all depends how quick the regrowth is!!!
If they leave it too long then you need to charge more cos it is more work for you!

Also i advise my customers to use solar oil as their home after care everyday



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Jul 19, 2003
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I've finally got the acrylic application right!! So now what I need to know is how long do people generally go between fills. Also, what are the care instructions that I should give my clients? Instructions specific to acrylic, that might differ from the care required for gels.


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