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Jul 31, 2003
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Hi to all

Had an interesting one today. I had a 13 year old girl come on Saturday for Acrylic Tip and Overlay. Used Ret+ and Perfect Clear over Radical French tip. Her father paid for her.

A couple of her nail plates were damaged, one very badly, although well healed. She had apparently used a DIY Boots Acrylic kit, and file through her nail bed. This left a red mark, but was completely healed, with no pain. She had a few "dips" in her nails, which she assured me were caused by her "bad filing".

She knew exactly what she wanted, as a friend had the above French tips and clear before :? Did a "power" prep, cos of state of nails, and they seemed OK. They were fine for a day, then she had a bath and the problem occured. :rolleyes:

They look "waterlogged" but ONLY IN THE CENTRE OF SOME NAILS. Particularly the badly damaged nail and on 2 others. The rest are fine :!: :?:

Is this "pocket lifting" and why in the centre, and why after a bath? Does it have any correlation to the "pitted" nails :?: :?: :?:

What do I do to overcome this? HELPPPPPP?

Am really interested if this is my bad application, or a keratin issue, where the bond won't work properly due to bad filing? If the second is the case I assume this cannot be overcome :!: :?:

Please advise - it is interesting to see this. Have had 2 very badly damaged nail sets from other people or DIY kits. The other I refused to do as "Gel" had burned through her nails and some were so thin - I have never seen such a thing.


Lesleyxxx ;)
The better the health of the natural nail, the better the product will adhere ... we all know this, and I think you have sussed it out correctly that the poor condition of her nail plates may have contributed to some pocket lifting. She also may have caused some damage to the nails prior to the 'bath' situation.

It sounds as if you took every intelligent precaution prior to application.

Sadly we can't go home with every client to see what they do after they depart the salon :(

As long as you advised her during consultation that the state of her damaged nails would prohibit you guaranteeing the success of the service there should be no 'come back'.

But .. you asked what you could do? Perhaps use GelBond and a full well tip such as formation and let the Gelbond cushion the damaged area until the nails grow out and get stronger. Also keep well short.
Hi Geeg

Thanks for that advice, I really do feel as it is only on some nails, this may be the problems, but good to have it confirmed.

Happy Xmas
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