Acrylic nail allergy


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Jul 18, 2010
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hi has anybody experienced the same problem as me iv been using nsi attraction and tammy taylor acrylic products for over 2 years now and i have just recently became to have very swollen itch and inflammed cuticles every time i apply nails or do them on someone else i tryed changing to gel nails but i still have the same problem has anyone else experienced this :rolleyes: x
It is an allergy due to repeated contact with your skin and a chemical or chemicals in the products (usually with gels it is acrylates, gluteraldehyde or formaldehyde which are the main culprits).

Fact is that an allergy from over exposure to products doesn't need to happen. Nail products should not touch the skin but only be used on nails and a free margin left around the application.

Sorry, there is no good news here ... Once allergic ALWAYS allergic .. in other words .. it will only get worse with continued exposure. It's gloves from now on if you work with the products and you should not be wearing them.

CND Brisa gels are hypoallergenic and do not contain the 3 chemicals listed above. You could also try a 'try me' kit of CND Retention+ monomer which many who are allergic to other acrylic monomers find they are not allergic to retention+.
were cani buy this cnd stuff anything is worth a try i was told it could be due to MMA wich is infact in the products that i use i was told that it is band in the us now due to it being proven to be causing loss of sensation to the finger tips i have also noticed that infra red heat used for doing minx nails causes my skin around my fingers to go a brown in colour and harden thanx very much for your reply to my question i am very gratefull cheers x
MMA is not in either of the products you have mentioned so that is not the problem.

You can enquire about CND products through the Fingertips Centre in Edinburgh or Sweet Squared in Leeds.
it says on the nsi bottle ethyl methacrylate what is the diffrence between this and methytmethacrylate ?
EMA is developed for the nail industry and is safe in its use. MMA is not!

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