Acrylic Nails while Pregnant?


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Jul 11, 2010
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Hi All,

Thank you for viewing my thread.

I have a few questions and hoping someone can help me.

I am a nail technician and just found out I am pregnant. Can I still provide Acrylic Nails as a service or should I stop this while pregnant?

Also, can I provide acrylic nails to a client who may be pregnant also?

Any help on this would be fab.

Thanks x
congrats on the pregnancy : )

I did acrylics all the way through my pregnancy,and i have also done them on pregnant ladies,
Kate x
Me too. Congrats :)
Thank you Kate.

Thats good, i was not sure how to go about finding out.

I appreciate your reply :)

Thanks so much Kasik

Pregnancy and the Salon

Doug Schoon
Vice President of Science & Technology
Creative Nail Design, Inc.

What About My Clients?
When your clients discover they’re pregnant, one of the first questions they will ask you is, “Can I keep wearing my nail enhancements during my pregnancy?”
The answer is yes; of course they can safely wear artificial nails! There is absolutely no reason to believe that wearing any type of nail enhancement is harmful during pregnancy. The product polymerizes (hardens) within three minutes, practically eliminating the chance that any of the product will penetrate beyond the topmost layers of the nail plate. Also, the level of exposure to salon chemicals while receiving nail services is miniscule and will create no risks to the pregnant client.
Working While Pregnant
Nail technicians have significantly higher levels of exposure due to their professional tools- the products used to create nail enhancements. It makes sense, they use them every day. Does this mean that if a nail technician becomes pregnant, she will have to quit the salon? Of course not, but if she isn’t working safely, she may have to make some changes in her work habits and routines.
No matter what your occupation, when you become pregnant you should follow the advice of your doctor. An informed physician will usually advise mothers-to-be to avoid alcohol and tobacco. That’s because studies have shown that these substances may cause abnormal foetal development. Fortunately, scientific studies indicate that the ingredients used to create nail enhancements are not harmful to expectant mothers. To put things in their proper perspective; smoking is thousands of times more dangerous during pregnancy than anything the nail technician will be exposed to in the salon.
The key to working safely is to lower exposure to your professional products. You’ll find that this is easier than you might imagine. If you try, you will be amazed at how many things you can find to improve your work safety and make these practices part of your normal salon routine. Here’s a list of suggestions to get you started on the road to working safer:

o Throw all of your trash into metal containers with self-closing lids.

o Empty the trash often, especially if it contains table towels and wipes.

o Follow product directions precisely and use products properly.

o Avoid touching monomer, UV gel, wrap resins, adhesives or primers to skin.

o Wash your hands often, between every client and before eating.

o Keep product lids tightly closed and Dappen dishes covered.

o Take frequent breaks to stretch or exercise and get some fresh air.

o Wear a well-fitted, disposable dust mask when filing, especially if you use a drill or electric file.

o Make sure the ventilation in your salon is properly working and adequately supplying the salon with fresh air.

o Use local exhaust to capture and eliminate dusts and vapour at the source.

o Talk to your doctor if you feel you are experiencing any work related symptoms such as weakness or light-headedness.

o Ask your doctor to review the MSDS for the product’s you use.

Of course, there are many other things you can do to improve salon safety. These positive changes in your work habits will benefit you for the rest of your career.

One good way to improve safety is to learn more about your products. If you take the time to learn more, you’ll better understand how work safely.
If you ever have any questions or concerns, please call our technical hotline at
1-800-833-NAIL (6245).
I had no problems when I was pregnant with anything apart from working on nails that had come from a NSS.

The MMA in the file dust made me want to be very sick because it was so strong.

So I just refused to work on the clients asking them to have their nails removed before I'd touch them.

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