acrylic over airbrushing...?


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Nov 7, 2003
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this may sound like a really dense question but i can trust you guys for an honest answer...
Here is possible to put a layer of clear acrylic over airbrushing/freehand nail art. If you can 'encapsulate' things in acrylic can you do so with art? I am fed up of loosing the designs on my own nails whilst working on clients. I have tried Faze 2 but don't seem to get on with it too well. At the moment i seem to just have permanent french and variations of it using white powders and 'more than white' and i'm getting BORED! I have Mosaic and metro powders but need a bit more practice with these!
thanks in anticipation
i have airbrushed a design on clear tips and applied them and overlayed with acrylic with success, so yes it can be done :biggrin:
also.have you tried young nails finish ? it goes on like polish, cures for 1 min in u.v and totally protects nail art from solvents etc. buffs off easily. i also use it on the underside of my tips coz it stops them disolving when using acetone. :biggrin:
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