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Jan 12, 2003
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Hi all - if I manage to apply tips and then add all pink (rather than P&W) to a nail biter - could I get away with painting on a 'French Manicure' and to make it permanent - at least till her next infill - add a coat of clear acrylic?

Would this work?

i think it would .but then i could be wrong :shock:
Hi, i think it all depends on how bad they have bitten them down. I applied a set not quiet 2 weeks ago on my sister who became a nail biter...i saw her nails and i said oh boy..the tips kept popping back off as soon as i would let we kept working with her nails until the tip fianlly stayed...and yes both sides lifted and the nail came off a few days ago. The nails that werent all that bad held up great. I went last night and gave her a fillin and repaired the nail that came off and we had no problem getting a tip back on...thier nails are really gonna grow faster...(well her's did anyways) and you may see this person back before her 2 wks are up needing repairs. And as far as the painting on french goes i think it will look nice but your client is gonna think it looks great!! And she will love her nails looking better includeing her hands. ;) Good luck :!:
Is that what you are saying? I think that sounds like a mess waiting to happen. Why don't you just polish the french and top coat it? There is no need to put clear acrylic over the white polish is there?

Unless I misunderstand you..language barrier and
You could try a gel top coat - like Permagloss or IBDs Ultra Seal over the polished french.
If she's a bad nail biter Sue have her come back to you weekly. It will be very disheartening for both you and her if she come back after two weeks with half of them off. So weekly appointments until her own nails have grown out a bit would be more beneficial. Paint a french on her (or better still airbrush it on) and top coat it with Faze 2 available from Designer Nails, it's great stuff, especially to wear yourself over your nail art as it doesn't come off with polish remover.
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