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sawasdee ka

If you put top coat on your nail art for customer and you speak them if them put more top coat 2 more times 1 week the nail art with stay 2 or 3 weeks no problem .

if they do not it will not stay beautifull we test already .

Now customer speak how much bot top coat so we sell them top coat after make design .

Mui from beautifull Thailand ]


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Jul 19, 2003
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I just picked up some acy;ic paints but I'm not sure that they're okay to use on nails, they are waterbased acrylic. But I'm concerned about the drying time, the package says 20-30 minutes, is this normal? Also, is it possible to put a gel topcoat over acrylic designs?
20 - 30 mins seems a bit long , maybe its if you are painting something with a much bigger area than a nail or if its an absorbent surface like wood. i do a lot of nail art and i use acrylic craft paint. i buy anitas all purpose acrylic craft paint , its only 99p at hobbycraft.its just the same as the little pots you buy for nail art only about 20 times cheaper! the paint dries in minutes - you are only using a very small amount for most designs . i then apply young nails finish gel and cure[on enhancements only] the art stays on until the next fill.
Thank you, it really does makes sense that it would dry faster because of the small amount of paint. I picked them up in the crafts section of Walmart, they were only 5$ Canadian for 16 colors! If they are too thick do you dilute them with water?
Winky sawasdee ka

We have box of acyrlic paint and we buy in Thailand is made by reeves england and have 18 color nearly same you buy .

dip your brush into the top of the paint takesome paint and put paint on your left hand and then put the brush in water and turn your brush round and round in paint only little water and will make paint good for paint design after you put top coat the paint not come off .

you now just sit have the paint on your hand and brush after finish nail art wash your hand .

Big smile from Thailand mui ka
Thank you Mui, I'll try doing what you suggested.
yes, water is all you need to thin the paint and clean up.i wish i could do nail art all day , i find it much less stressful than enhancements!
Hi, You asked is it possible to put a gel topcoat over acrylic designs?

The answer is yes you can put a layer of gel over designs to seal them :D
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