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Hi Kelly,

Just wanted to say that I'm new to nails too and my nail-trainer is my best-friend! :D Sad I know, but I LOVE it! It really is worth every penny. I sit and mess around on it most nights, trying different tips, pink & whites, etc. Even my most dearest friends wouldn't let me do the stuff on them that I do on my nail trainer and I'd worry about them if they did!

You can easily buy refil tips for it or just file the old stuff off and start again, so once you've got your Trainer, you've pretty much got it for life!

I've not trained with Creative yet, but hope to as soon as my finances allow me to. I think as a company they are very forward thinking and their customer care is second to none as this board proves!

Good luck with every thing.

Kind regards,

Dear Kelly.Hi! like you i am also quite new to this, but honestly i have found just practise practise practise! have you tried using a different product i have tried many different ones such as nsi, creative, youngs etc you find that most suppliers sell trial kits which are fab as it gives you an insite into their products without having to pay out a lot of money.I personally find youngs to be the best. If you would kie to know the contact information let me know. Remember practise i even practise on my boyfriend! i just dont prime the nails first so they come off easier if nothing else it gives me a giggle!!! :D Louise xxx
You just need to get your mix ration right. I'm no good at explaining it in words. But get it touch with your Creative educator. They are there to help you every step of the way. Their help and support is always there for you.
Thanks for the advice!

Louise - If you could give me the contact info for Youngs it would be great! Im all for trying new stuff!

Not sure my bloke would let me practice acrylics on him though, had enough trouble getting him to let me do pedicures on him! (His feet look 100 times better for it however!!)

I was thinking of splashing out on a trainer hand so that I can get a bit more practice. Are they worth the money??? :?:

Ill try that! Im getting very disheartened with it although I know practice will eventually pay off (I hope). Ive worn acrylic extensions for years and it looked soooo easy, but now im not so sure!

Kelly :)
Dear Kelly,
When I did my training in Aberdeen, Scotland my teacher told me to pick up my powder and count to 6. The mix should go from a wet to a dryer ready to use mix. I find this works for me. Hope this helps.


Apr 22, 2003
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Help, Im still training as a nail tech, and I really want to specialise in Acrylic nails. Im using Creative retention+ and just cant seem to get the hang of it. Its almost like im painting the acrylic onto the nail tip and its getting all stuck in my brush. I just cant seem to get the hang of the mix ratio at all. Are there any invaluable tips out there that might get me going in the right direction! :(


I'm sorry. but I have to disagree here.

When you are new to nails, bouncing around from one product to another only serves to confuse - as every product works differently and R+ is one of the easiest to use.

If your brush is getting gunked up, then you are definitely working too wet. It is easy to adjust by having less liquid in your brush in the first place. And you press the product into place, not brush it on ... it seems to me you should've covered all these techniques in your class. Where did you do your training??

Speak right away to your trainer and get put on the right path to success! Your contact with your educator shouldn't end at the finish of your class, it should BEGIN in earnest, and you should direct any questions to her/him. Anyone at the academy where you trained (if it was a Creative Nail Academy) will be more than happy to assist you. If you trained at college, then call a Creative Nail Academy for further assistance.

I am concerned that you are struggling when you should not. Please call and get some help. 8)
Dear Kelly,

Hi, Youngs or they are also know as Distinctive Nails, they are based in Manchester
There details are as follows:

Distinctive Nail Products Ltd
267 Monton Road,
M30 9LF

Tel no: 0161 707 9087
fax no: 0161 707 5252

They do a trial pack i think its about £6 you get trial liquid and powder and even primer, which i think is really good i have also invested in one of their acrylic brushes which i find fab and makes the job a lot easier!

Regarding the hand trainer, my friend at collage was going to invest but they are mega expensive and our tutor advised us against getting one! I think real models are the best they can really tell you the truth and when you are starting out i feel that is what you really need!

But word about that you require models and just charge what you need to cover your costs telling your client that it is only for a limited time that you can offer these prices and when you are fully qualified you will charge the full rate!!!

Hope i have been of some help!

Lou xxx :D
It was the cost of the trainer hands that was putting me off, however I lack confidence to try on 'real' people.

Thanks to all for the advice youve given though. I guess the only way to improve is to practice, as for Geeg's advice - your right! Im booking in for a tutorial next week. Hopefully I wont be struggling on too much longer!!
Hi Kelly,

Please dont be put off by practsing on "real" people after all they are going to be your income and career!!! I am neally qualifed only a few months to go... and i find one of the benefits, but there are many, is building a proffesional relationship with clients and this can only be done by practising on them!
As for trying different products, yes i might only be new to becoming a nail technician but i have realised it is good to try different products just to see what is out there because there are so many different products. i starte doff using NSI products and when i started to use Youngs i personally realised that Youngs suits me better! But its each to their own and your personal preference!!! Good luck.
Lou xxx :o
Louise I think you are referring to Young Nails?? (Youngs?) anyway KELLY - as Geeg said, it doesn't sound like you were taught in a Creative Academy because you would have automatically received a Nail Trainer on the Foundation Course. :idea:
In the old days, we only HAD REAL PEOPLE TO practise on, however this is the beauty of the nail-trainer - it 'trains' a beginner and lets you make 'mistakes' WITHOUT hurting or causing any harm to a REAL person. Nail Trainers are normally about £120.00 but are included on the CND FDFC! Many of your girlfriends won't mind you practising BUT, the nail trainer allows you in the comfort of your own home and in your own time, to practise mix-ratio, smile lines, tip blending, buffing-down and finishing techniques without someone giving you hassle for being too slow etc etc. I do hope this has helped you because at the end of the day, your focus should be on becoming as professional as possible and doing the BEST on and for your clients, not just using them to make initial mistakes and HOPING they won't mind!! :D
Yes sorry Mrs Geek, i did mean Young Nails! Ive been up since 6 this morninr and you know how it is brain doesnt function with fingers at this time of night!!!
Do you have any personal preferences of nail products that you use?

Lou xxx :D
so know how you feel :shock: Well let's see, it's been a long time since I have actually DONE nails; I used to work from home like many of our posters on the board - had a lovely dining room / nail salon. Since divorcing husband number 1 and moving home to Leeds, I have spent 8 years building the Creative Nail Academy Education Department and last year went full time into Consumer / Trade PR for Designer Nails / CND. :p
I would of course have to be biased toward CND Radical / Retention+ as I have ALWAYS had brilliant results with the Creative line but in the beginning, I used OPI, Backscratchers and LCN (we used to be educators for LCN) A LONGGGGG time ago!!! I am a liquid and powder girl at heart so there you have it!! Creative for me :tongue: :thumbsup:
I am not saying that one shouldn't try different products ... I have tried them all ... BUT and this is the important bit .... if you wish to try them, at least wait until you have mastered one system first.

A different product is not the solution to your problem, extra tuition and training in 'technique' is. When you have gained a little confidence, you will see that it wasn't the product letting you down, but inexperience.

The nail trainer is a wonderful tool for practising technique ... in fact it is THE tool for practicing technique and is a sound investment as you can go on using it for years to practice, nail art, airbrush techniques, to make samples to show your clients, polishing tips etc. etc. It is a high quality item and we have seen the results of its usefulness when we see how much more quickly students move from the classroom to the salon when they use it in their own time with no rush and no demands.

I think Mrs. Geek said it very well. Good luck next week. We are routing for you and I hope you know we are here or at the end of the phone to help you become the best you can be. I'd still like to know where you trained? 8)
Thankyou for the reply!!!

I havent yet tried out Creative products but i will give them a try! Do you have their web address please

Lou xxx :D
how sad are we to eat, breath and sleep nails :?: :?: actually not sad at all :D :sunny:
OK OR OR - the last one is specifically for pro teks where as the will give you all sorts of info. FYI we are the distributors for CND in the UK hence some light on my previous post. If you need anything else, let me know on [email protected] ;)
Thanks again for all the advice. Have decided to bite the bullet and purchase a trainer hand! :D

As for my college I went to fingertips and beauty in Middlesex. I really enjoyed the course although we seemed to cover a lot of topics and I think I could have done with a little more time spent on acrylics. Still, after speaking to tutors, they said that I can book one to one tutorials for the parts of the course Im struggling with, so thats what Im gonna do! (As well as lots of practice with my new hand!!!)

Many thanks again :D

i have a nail trainer as well,but im a bit reluctant to use it as i feel i am wasting products and i cant afford to.but then i cant afford not to practise either :rolleyes: , i have also got the home learn maintence pack in a cupboard unused :? its so easy to spend money on this stuff. i have also product hopped (gets very complicated)have tried 5 differant companys,and am sticking with cnd manily cause there is ongoing education and im now sticking to one line in acrylic, CND and for fibre glass i am still unsure as i have the fabric kit but dont get on with it, i have backscracher and millillium(spelling) too :? .so the jury is out on fibreglass at the moment .but any how it can get too complicated if you have too many lines to choose from and expensive to.
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