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Jun 21, 2004
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I am a newly trained nail tech, and am doing ok (so far) although after reading about all the problems i can and probably will encounter through my new career i.e lifting, greenies,cracking etc im now scared witless. I have recently applied uv low odour acrylic nails to a client using the active tip from the edge and noticed (only when i had finished) that the tip numbers were clearly visible on all of the nails, i inspected the box of tips and unlike the other tips i have (where the numbers are on the upper side of the free edge, all the active tip numbers were on the underside half way up from the well area, so when the tips were cut to the lenght the client wanted you could clearly see the numbering, luckily the client was a real sweetheart and we both had a laugh about it, have i got a rouge batch of tips or is this how they are. any help would be great.

newly qualified terrified tech.
You are right, they all do!

Just checked my stock, as we sell Alida and all the active tips have the numbers by the well, also the new french white curved tips, but none of the other styles have.

Got a meeting with Alida next week so will bring it up, but you can also call them on 01256 320111 for advice.

Will post again with any news soon.
Thanks Chocolate,

It seems that all the active have this numbering problem, i have emailed Alida and will phone on monday, is there any other tips with a small well area that i can use until i sort this out.


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