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Feb 9, 2004
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I Am Going Mobile In A Few Weeks Once I Get All My New Stock From Olympia. How Did All You Mobile Nail Techs Get Started With Clients??
I Advertised In My Local News Paper And Got One Call.
Any Advice Would Be Helpful.
:biggrin: I am also a mobile technician but have only been so for about 3 months. I have a few regular clients. You have to make yourself known, especially known for doing a good job! They will come back again and again if you do. I have had some business cards made - see

I also advertise in newsagents and post office windows, and on the Intranet where I work. You have to keep repeating the advertising. Also ask your existing clients to pass the word round. It's amazing how many have family members or friends who would like to have their nails done. I am hoping to eventually be able to give up my present job and concentrate solely on being a nail technician as I enjoy it so much.

I am also going to Olympia. I went to the NEC as well!! Hope you do well.
I Am Going Mobile In A Few Weeks Once I Get All My New Stock From Olympia. How Did All You Mobile Nail Techs Get Started With Clients??
I Advertised In My Local News Paper And Got One Call.
Any Advice Would Be Helpful.
When I started mobile before opening my salon, I posted flyers through doors locally,and in shop windows. its hard work , but it did bring in considerable trade, also I found it useful going along to local slimmers world classes to do a free demonstration or two of the services I could provide. You should find its not long before you do not have to advertise as happy clinets are your best advertisement...
(Yellow pages can be useful too, when they print their next edition.)
Thanks For Your Help I Will Start Advertising Very Soon And Hopefully I Will Be Very Busy!!

i do find that newspaper advertising never pays its money, flyers and word of mouth are the best for me
I too advertised in my local paper and only got one call but guess what, that customer recommended me to another who recommended to her friend then to another two friends who recommended me to another two friends and so on - overall from that one person I've ended up with 8 customers so far from the one call! They don't all as a rule have their nails done all the time as they can't afford it but word of mouth definitely seems the best way for me! Also, the newsagents windows (especially if they're outside bus stops) have worked for me too.

I have been meaning to leaflet drop for a while but have never got around to it (I do nails part time as well as working full time also!).

My latest idea is to advertise on the spare wheel cover of my Vitara Jeep - I bought a nearly new one a few weeks ago - enquired as to how much it would be to get an ad on the cover and it was only £70 plus VAT - once I get a decent photo and ad put together I'll be using that as my latest advertisement. And even though I don't use my car during the week as I work in the City it'll still be parked on the road for anyone local who may see it and take down the number :) Obviously this is a form of advertising which will only be paid for once!

I know not many people have jeeps but if you have I think it's a great idea :)

Michelle xx
I agree with Angel Fingers that newspaper adverts never get many clients.
I would say get some business cards and flyers done and leave them everywhere you go.
Good places are Gyms, Supermarkets, Schools and of course ladies loos
I think one of the best ways to advertise is your own nails. On Friday night I had another Ladies Pamp. Night at a school. Before I went I decided to nail art each one of my nails with a different design, hence I had 10 designs on real nails to show the ladies. I got a lot of interest out of it, and could'nt stop all night, and a lot of people were dissappointed as I did'nt have enough time for them all. On the Saturday I still had my designs on when I took my children to their turkish school, and got a lot of interest there as well, and booked 2 ladies in for this week. So I decided that I will from now on do outrages designs on all my nails to attract attention and will carry business cards to hand out at all times. Even though I get funny looks from some people. lol
i really want to be a mobile nail technician when i quailfy, but everyone i have spoken to said its hard to take off :(
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