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Sep 8, 2008
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Was wondering if you could help...
I've signed up to do some advertising of my Salon in a local magazine and need some inspiration as what would catch the eye of the readers without slashing my price for a special offer?
I'm useless at this side if things so any ideas would be gratefully appreciated.

Ta x
I do a 3 for £30 offer, choose from mini mani (cuticle work, file & polish), mini pedi, 20 min facial, lash & brow tint or eyebrow shape.

All treatments that cost very little to do and take less than an hour for any 3 combined but its really popular!

hth x
Thanks Rachael, I was thinking of something along those lines.

Do you do courses of treatments? If so, you can do (for example) buy four treatments get the 5th free, or you could take a treatment you have which isn't that popular (something that is maybe easy to do, cheap for you or cheap for you to do but is quite expensive) and run it as a half price offer when buying a full price treatment which compliments it. Sometimes people won't try something new especially if it is an expensive treatment so this way you are taking the risk for them and they will be more inclined to book again.

Hope this helps

Sarah. xx

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