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Mar 12, 2007
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Hi Hair geeks

Right...ive ditched the straighteners in favour for my curls now,and need any advice on keeping it in good condition,especially in humidity and the rain at the moment:eek::lol:

I use Aveda products,shampure shampoo and conditioner,phomollient organic honey foam,to style my hair and then use a diffuser,while flipping my head upside down and placing it in the hair to cut out the "frizz".I then use pure abundance on my hair from Aveda...although it makes my hair go "really out there":eek::lol:...but i love the volume.

I just need a few more tips on keeping any frizz at bay,and keeping the curl"defined".

My hair is fine,but i have a hell of a lot of it.:):eek::lol:

So...ive finally come to accept having curly hair,so any help would be great.
try leaving it to dry naturally. Once you pop your product on your hair, don't touch it!
Hi beautyguru
I thought I'd try the site after your recommendation today and so far it's great, so I thought I'd give you a bit of advice from a non hair professional with naturally curly hair.

I usually scrunch my products into my hair and leave it to dry naturally. When dried I turn my head upside down and give it a bit of a shake, this usually keeps my curls defined and stops them from being fuzzy.

See you soon :green::
Hi Gabi, as you know I'm not a hair geek, so my answer is not 'professional' but I would recommend you to try John Freda, just use a small amount, a pearl, rub it on the palms of your hands first then run your hands through dry hair. I would say, it does what it says on the tin :)

You can probably get it in any supermarket - bonus!

Zoe x
Thanks for the replies...and Zoe i may just pop into the supermarket tomorrow,to get some....something ive NEVER done for hair care products,but i need something to tame the frizz:lol::!:
:hug: you get a big thumbs up from me for starting this thread...I shall pinch some of the advice for myself...

but I don't know if I can ever accept my curls...I need more therapy :lol:


p.s like your 'curly' avatar :green:
I used to use it all the time before shorter hair and straighteners!
Please Do Not recommend NON OTC professional hair products. It isn't appreciated in the skin forums nor the nail forums and it isn't apprecitated here either.
Thank you for being understanding about this issue.
And for those who haven't read it yet. Here is the post The Geek did when the hair forum was first started.

Read this thread before posting

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Welcome to the Hair Geek Forums

I wanted to reinforce a couple of important points regarding the use of this forum so please give this a quick gander before creating new threads or new posts.

This is a forum for professional Hair Geeks. That does not mean that you can not post unless you are a pro; it means that you must treat it as a professional forum.

If you are not a hair professional:

* Do not recommend products or procedures (especially OTC and DIY products or procedures. This is a professional forum NOT a DIY shop)
* Do not ask which 'DIY' kits or 'OTC' products to use in performing a treatment on yourself or on a friend

Otherwise, feel free to participate in discussions and contribute constructively. The whole point of bringing Hair, Skin and Nails together was to learn from one another

The Geek
aka Samuel Sweet
Well Congratulations Beautyguru... Welcome to the world of ease. Embracing your natural curl will in the long run be a happy choice for you. Meanwhile, as you are getting re aquainted with what mother nature / god/ and your ancestors gave you...LOL

Thought this would help you out in maintaining your curls.

Using a curl enchancer will keep your curls in proper form. PM makes a great one. As well as most Professional Hair companies. ABBA, JOICO, KENDRA, LOMA, BIG SEXY HAIR.
Have you checked into Aveda products to see if they stock a Curl enchancer?

What works best is a "gel" type medium. I have found that the Creme typed don't hold thru out the day as well as the gel ones.

To really help with the frizz, always remember to condition the ends of your hair. The more conditioned/moisturzed they are, the less it will have to frizz. ;)
Well,thanks for the replies guys.

I will keep my hair well conditioned:green:

I have found curl enhancer from Aveda...WOW,its amazing,i washed my hair with be curly shampoo and conditioner,left that on for 5 mins,rinsed,pat dry,and then used the curl enhancer,diffused,and then used light elements reviving mist on it to "lock in" the moisture....not only me,but my husband loves the curls aswell:lol::green:

I will also try and let my hair dry naturally aswell:!:

Thanks again:hug:

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