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Apr 18, 2003
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I have client that i have been doing for about 7 or 8 months, and had been a nail biter previously and had enhancements on when she first came to me.

I have alot of problems with her enhancements staying on, she is going through a very messy divorice and admits to nibbling on them and sometimes prying them off, I have been doing pink and whites on her which have been looking ridiciouls but she has been insisting on having them , so against my better judgement i have been doing that for her.

Every fortnight she would have at least 5 or 6 missing that i would need to replace. She is also a mum to 3 young boys and very busy and very hard on her nails.

I had been using the perfect powders and retention + on her but last week decided to try the flawless pink and radical and primer. The result was alot nicer looking and we were both pleased.

She came back last night and all her nails are still on but she is having terrible lifting, something she didnt have before. I dont have any clients that lifting and this was quite alot , i worked and prepped the same way as usual.

I changed to the radical because i thought it would be more hard wearing for her , which it looks like it has but im dissapointed with the lifting.

Now this might seem like a totally dumb question and its probably not possible i dont know , but ill bite the bullet and ask.

Would mixing liquids help this problem? mixing equal amounts of radical and rentention +? Is this possible? would it work? would it have any benefit?

I know this client does alot of damage herself but she didnt cause the lifting and they have stayed on this time so its either one or the other im thinking ?

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kerrie :)
hi kerrie - I will let Geeg clarify and properly answer your question but definitely DON'T MIX the liquids together. That would not be a good idea!!!

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