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May 12, 2003
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So here goes!

I have now been working in the Tanning Salon since May and I still don't have a contract. :( I was first on a 1 month trial period, I asked them for a temporary contract to cover this month, but I didn't get one. :evil:

They then put me on a second months trial, without a contract. I keep asking them about it but their friend is a lawyer and is doing it for them foc. I have asked constantly about getting my contract sorted, but they say they cant ask this person to rush it because they are doing it as a favour. :twisted:

Yesterday they were teasing me about advertising my job in the window and getting rid of me and I said "Well, you could do that quite easily because it's not like I have a contract." :( They just laughed at me, so I told them again that if they don't get my contract sorted out then I want to sit down with them and decide what they want to say in the contract and I will get my Solicitor to write it up. One of them said "Look it's not something you can draft up, it takes time!" :fire:

How long does it have to take though! :(

Also, I am starting a massage course next Friday. It means that I won't be in the shop until 1 O'Clock in the afternoon. It is a part time course and this is the only time I could get. When I applied one of the lads said that it is ok as long as I don't have a lunch break as well.

But yesterday the other one realised this and wasn't happy at all. He said that I can't do it because it is my second busiest day and it was never discussed with them. :( I told him that my second busiest day is a Monday, Fridays are usually quite, and that I had discussed it with them. :twisted:

He told me that he wasn't happy about it, and that I would have to make the time up, either by coming in for half a day on my day off, or by working until 7pm on a friday evening. :pale:

I was really upset about this because originally they wanted me to work 4 days, then they changed it to 5. I work Mon-Sat, and I have Wednesday and Sunday off. I always tell them that I will start early or finish late if a customer needs me to, and that if ever a Customer wants to book for a Wednesday then I will come in. They also know that if a customer comes in on my day off, they can call me and I will come straight in if I can. :arg:

But now that I am starting College, Wed is my only day to get stuff done like go to Creative etc, because nowhere is open on a Sunday. Also I will need some time to do my College work. :( They made me feel really bad about going to College, but it is for my future & even though I won't have room to do Massages in their shop, it is still vital to my Career.

Please help me and tell me what I should do, because yesterday I just wanted to get another Geek in and tell them that they were being out of order. I just want to cry. :( If you think that I am in the wrong then I need to know as well please.

Thank You,
Hi there ... now don´t despair and calm down.

You work as self employed and pay them commission am I correct?
As a self employed person, they have given up the right to exercise any power over you and your decisions. You rent a space (whether technically you pay for it thru commission or rent) and what you do with it is your affair. They may not like it but they do not employ you. Technically they are subletting a space which is probably against their contract.

They can make your life uncomfortable ... and from the things you have told us they do not sound like a very nice or encourageing bunch of people to me ... but until you have some form of contract ( which dose not take time, just concordia between you both and could be done with out a solicitor) they actually have no holds over you what so ever. Make sure this is really where you want to be before you sign anything. There are other places and the Designer Nails salon in Leeds is recruiting at the moment I believe. So there are plenty of options open to a good nail technician.
Hi BN03,
Would love to give you a hug right now because you sound in need of one. While its not for me to tell you what I think you should do, I cant help wondering why you stay with these people at all. (I have read some of your past postings) Youre obviously made of strong stuff to keep taking the comments they keep throwing your way but be careful they dont destroy your confidence completely.
I think I would start looking elsewhere for alternative employment - if only as a safety -net. ........Good Luck x.
Sawadee ka

I think same same everything geeg and lady say you and i know every body have to work earn money for live but i think we all do beauty salon and nail because have enjoy as well and you not happy work this people if work people smile and happy good everybody .

I think if you find somewhere to work another people and good to you better not work shop you no happy and many shop for work .

Kop khun ka mui
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