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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
One of my IBX clients has asked me where she can train in manicure & pedicure to gain a certificate which will enable her to work on people.

She's enquired at Capital locally as that would be easy but I don't know what to advise her (apart from to remain my client and not do the training lol ;) )

What accreditation should she look for so as not to waste her money? My guess is that she'll look to doing gel polish eventually but ATM just many/pedi.

I trained in manicure over 10 years ago so don't feel very on top of training options.
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Omni Academy of Beauty offer this training course.

Call 01932 232322 for more information!
I did mine at an ABT accredited trainer... Get her to check out her nearest trainer with ABT Insurance xx
Try zen tranquility
The Angel Academy of Teaching and Training do a 2 day course and I upgraded to an NVQ unit x

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