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Apr 29, 2008
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Bruggen, Germany
Hi geeks,

I would love to get into the world of beauty therapy. I am however at this moment in time in a tricky situation as i live in Germany as my hubby is in the army.

I would like to ask anyone about the beauty therapy courses that you study at home, are they worth while? Are they worth the money? has anyone done one? etc etc

As we are in the army there is a good possibility i may move back to the UK soon so should i just wait and start a collage course if i return? I only tend to stay in one place for 3 years before moving again.

Is there a chance that anyone could possibly look at the following sites and give me some feedback please? Also i am unsure of what qualification is best to go for and if they are recognised by professional bodies? Thanks

I have found the following sites so far:

Beauty Therapy Distance Learning Course for just £338: Study at Home with UK Open Learning Distance Learning Correspondence Courses
Beauty Therapist - Distance Learning, Distance Learning Courses, Distance Learning UK

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