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Feb 16, 2012
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Hi geeks I normally use 7/7 all over colour touch on my client just as a semi. She likes the colour and I'm doing it again tomorrow however I always feel it lacks depth even though she doesn't want it too dark. I've got 77/07 colour touch plus if I put this on would it come our similar with just a slight bit more depth or do you think it will grab too much. Thanks in advance.
I always get great results with ct+ does she have much grey? Apply to wet hair-I in this gives better shine and that your product goes further .
She's not grey at all I just want it for more depth do you think that will be ok? X
Yes or you could add a little of something on the level of a 6 say 3 parts 7/7 1 part of your 6. But CT+ is lovely and a bit richer than just CT
Thank you. Think I'll go for the 77/07 least it has the 0 in rather than just the 7/7 x
I use 77/07 all the time on a client and the results are a slightly warm chocolate brown. Color touch plus shades are more intense than the others.

The plus range also has ammonium hydroxide included, which I think is what makes them more intense and has better grey coverage.
You can smell the ammonia when mixed up, although no way as strong as permanent tints.

My client does have a lot of white hair, and after the color, to me it looks almost 100% covered. Although being a quasi it fades out.
Personally I think the product is excellent, especially on fine fragile hair.


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