Advice on eyelash extension brand to choose


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Tracys Beauty

Serenity Beauty Boutique
Nov 4, 2007
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Hello everyone it's been 2 years since I've been on here, I've had 2 baby's since so I haven't got much spare time to come on very often,

I was going to book onto a marvel lash course on the 18th, I brought the kit already as Sally had a vat free day on Thursday but since I got it I read a lot of bad feedback and is now wondering to choose a different company,

I have read a lot about flirties and nouveau lash, what are your thoughts and which brand would you prefer

Thanks Tracy x x
Iv just PM'd you xx
I trained with flirties :) got another girl training with them tmos xxx
I did the marvel lash course last year it's not the best course and I do wish I had trained with another company, but locations didnt suit, but saying that it was adequate enough, the other lash geeks on here are fab and their advice invaluable, through so much practicing I am now confident but a lot has to do with kit as well and I am sorry to say the marvel kit wasn't great especially the glue, I now use flirties glue and lash base lashes. Good luck x
Good thread...I was going to ask the same question :)
For flirties if you go to the WOW factor website and have a look at training they will get the nearest trainer to you to contact you.

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