advice on majorca/menorca with 18month old!


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Aug 14, 2007
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south west
yes I know... bit early to be thinking of hols but want to get it sorted!

I have been looking on the search as we have been wondering where to go with our (would be in summer) 18 month old

not to expensive
looking for somewhere hotish
nice sandy beaches nearby
things to do very young child wise (zoos,water parks?)

menora/majorca seems to fit this by looking...would really appereciate it if anyones been and can give webby for where they stayed as have no idea of area etc just going by recommendations

heard good things about thompson super family holidays?

thanks Tashaxx
Ive been to majorca 4 times and love it my little boy was only 9 months when we first went.
We have been to magaluf twice which is fab if you go may june time not in the high season due to all the young ones. We stayed at sol guadaloupe half board great hotel straight opp you have a nice family bar called popeyes it has a bouncy castle for the little ones and doesnt get busy, you have a fairground with small rides round the corner there is also 2 water parks both are good but would recommend the aqualand for an 18 moth old.
You have got palma nova just a walk away that has a nice park more quieter than magaluf we stayed at marina torronova there its a thompson hotel nice hotel but cardiac hill is a no no ok going down but its going up its awful.
Alcudia is very nice we stayed at bell vue holiday village plenty do do for the kids nice beaches and promanade rides for the kids a very nice family place alcudia. Best of luck choosing your holiday its a night mare isnt it, we have booked for florida this year.
We had a fabulous holiday in Menorca with a 6 and 3 year old. It's really friendly, quite quiet, very family oriented. We stayed in an apartment (we're a bit unsociable and don't do enormous 'family' hotels!) and we had both a pool and the beach not far away.

We stayed in the resort of Son Bou and booked our accommodation through this company The Owners' Syndicate | Villas with pools, caribbean villas, villa with pool, villa italy, luxury vacation rentals, beach villas, villa vacations, apartment rentals and we were really pleased. We had to organise our own flights but we got really cheap ones.....

thanks for the replies, glad to hear youve had good family hols there

Yes I know its stressful looking for a holiday!

keep the replies coming! thanksxx
We had our honeymoon in Majorca and it was fantastic.
Not to full on, yet enough going on so you're not bored.
We're actually taking the kids in October, they're 3 and 4.
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as you don't have to worry about taking a wee one out of school you'll find good prices out there - especially the first week in sept - half the price of the week before!!!
good luck
hey all thanks for replies I have looked around actually its taken all day, looking at reviews , different parts etc eyes are hurting now lol but come to the conclusion that menorca would be more ideal quieter of the two islands this time as lil one will be still only little...from searching this looks a great resort MINKUS has mentioned it is good in one of her posts

Talayot apartments
cala n forcat

anyone been around this area?
Watch what time of year you go to Menorca. We once went in May when my two were wee. I'll never forget Sharon crying on the beach because we didn't have her gloves! There she was, all wrapped up in her anorak with the hood up, when I'd packed little tshirts and shorts. It was so windy we didn't let her go on the chute, because I was frightened she would get blown off!
It is a lovely island though. Also watch where the hotel, etc is. It is quite hilly/cliffy in parts and struggling with a buggy back up the hill to the hotel several times a day would be no fun.
The towns of Mahon and Ciudadella are both lovely and well worth a day trip. Lots to see there.
Good luck on your hoiday choice!
Marion X
Thankyou for that as I was wondering about what month to go in as we have been away before mid may and it wasent very warm just to get it that bit cheaper , I have learnt id rather add a hundred or so for the weather , otherwise its just a waste of money and might as well stay here!
The locals said it was always really windy in May. They have a name for the wind, but I can't remember it. Mallorca is much warmer in May, I've even swam in an outdoor pool in February.
Marion x

I've been to Menorca twice and funilly enough, I'm going again this July! lol

We have been to Santo Thomas and also Cala Galdana, both of the resorts were ace.

My sister was about 3 or 4 the first time and about 5 or 6 the second time and there was plenty for her to do there.

The locals are friendly, it is quiet enough without being too quiet iykwim.

We are going to Arenal d'en Castell this year, we haven't been there before but it looks lovely.

Hope you have a lovely time there if you go.

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