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Jun 4, 2012
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Hi Guys,

I am completely new to the beauty industry and am setting up a mobile spray tanning business. I have decided on my solution but the actual equipment is baffling me! I have done a lot of research and am now decided on either the TS50 (replacing the HVLP 5008) or the Maximist XL - can anyone help? I did also look at the Sienna X True spray but have seen lots of bad reports on here about this machine.

My main requirements are low noise levels and lightweight but I will be concentrating on spray tan parties so require a 'workhorse' as opposed to something that is going to need cooling down after 2 or 3 tans.

Any help would be appreciated

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Buy the best u can afford, I haven't tried the machines you are talking about but I did consider them. I opted for a complete kit from the brand I did my training with, it worked out more expensive but I haven't had any problems and all my equipment matches and I am more than happy. Xx
I have got the TS50 (my first machine but picked it after reading good reviews). It isn't heavy, has a long hose (which wraps round the machine to keep tidy), can do tan after tan without over heating and it alround easy to use. only down side is that it is quite loud, though I haven't seen anyone mention any machines being particularly quiet. I am happy with my choice xx
Thanks for the reply both. I am going down the Sienna route on my solution/tent etc but just not completely sure about the T200 machine they offer - as I said - quite a few bad reviews on here but would have liked to have bought everything from them to be honest - they have been very helpful so far and I love their product! I would rather buy a machine that will stand the test of time instead of an entry level that wont see me through.


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