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Apr 15, 2012
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Hi I've been confusing myself and stressing myself out a little with all this lately!
I want to set up a salon in my home over the next few months, I have my insurance covered but it's the tax and declaring that I'm struggling with! What do I do first? What do I do about tax credits as I have childre, I've been a little stupid and not kept all of my receipts and I know I should have! I'm doing it now but that literally is all I know how to do! I don't have a client base yet as I'm just starting out so only have family and friends so I don't want to pay out for an accountant yet but I don't know how to register as a business on my own? Help!!!!! Lol x
Are you a single mum? Single mums u can work 16 hours, yes u have to tell tax credits the day you start work. If you have a partner and your both working you don't get much help with tax credits. You have three months to register your a business and you will have to pay tax I got an account at didn't have to pay him y til the end of the tax year hope that all makes sense but I'm sure someone can help u more
Have a look on the government website, there's loads of advice on setting up from home, managing your accounts, etc.
There are also links to business courses that you can do which will teach you everything you need to know xx
I'm not a single mum but get extra help for my autistic son, think my best bet is to go down to the citizens advice or job centre and see if they can help me, a business course is a good idea though, my hubby was thinking of doing an evening one so he could run mine plus his plumbing business. I can only really work one possibly two days a week anyway with child care etc so I'm hoping I wont earn enough that it makes a huge difference to our lives because taxes and self assessments etc leave me in a cold sweat just thinking about it!! Lol x

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