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Mar 11, 2012
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stoke on trent
Hi I am looking to offer temporay individual lash extensions how long do they last roughly? and how much should I charge? I have done the course many years ago and I am thinking of doing a refresher course but just wanted to ask a couple of questions about them :)

Thanks Tracey xxxx
Hi Hun do you mean cluster lashes? I do cluster lashes they can last up to 3 weeks but usually a weeks or so. I charge £15 for a fullest mobile but I suppose it depends on prices in your area. This is one of my most popular treatments I do at the mo. x
Hi thanks for your reply :) i mean temporary individual lashes. What do you mean by cluster lashes?

Thanks Tracey xxx
Hi thanks for your help ladies :) cant wait to give them a try

Tracey xxxx

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