Advice please for excess golden mid lengths


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Mar 7, 2012
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bromley, kent

I have a client who has been home colouring with a garnier and her mid lengths and ends (bob length hair) are very gold/slightly copper. Think 8.33/8.34 majirel.

Her regrowth is 100% white at the front, base 6 at the back.

Target shade is 9. I am going to use 9 with 20 vol on the white hair and 9.2 30 vol on the dark hair but can't for the life of me think how to lift the ends by one shade and neutralise the gold..... Any advice much appreciated. Thanks x

P.s I have taken a cutting to test for compatibility, seeing as she has been using a box colour
Ok well first thing first, your target shade will have to come down to an 8 with majirel or you will just get tone not depth, why use 9.2 on the back? Are you aiming for a flat base color?
Thanks for the reply. Yes she just wants a flat base colour - no gold (or as little as poss)

I was going to use 9.2 as her natural colour has lots of warmth. So I'll use an 8 but can't think what to do about massively golden ends!

Thanks :0)
9.2 is violet which will add to the red in her hair if it's natural 6 hun x
Just looked in my shade chart, there isn't even a 9.2 - think I'm thinking back to when I worked in the salon with clynol!

Ok, so 8.1 on the nat base 6, with 30vol. 8 on white hair, 20vol. What would you use on the ends to get rid of as much as poss of the golden tone?

Many thanks x
8.0 on roots 8.1 ends, blue in .1 kills gold/orange green in .0 kills red
Try a gentle cleanse , prelightener with warm water to pouring consistency , should lift unwanted tone ;)
I did think about a cleanse. Thanks so much for the replies :0)


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