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Jan 12, 2003
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Well ladies - any advice to offer? Whats a girl to do when she
reaches the end of her tether and decides to jack it all in - the
whole point of 'doing' nails was to have a second income and then
hopefully a small business ... but as products and extra training are
so expensive its getting to be more of a chore than a pleasure.

Those of you who know me will remember my lack of confidence - well,
that hasn't improved either, unfortuneately. I still feel that my
nails dont warrant more than the £10 per set I've been asking clients
for ... although to be honest no-one has ever come back demanding
that I refund and most say I should charge more!

But I am still not
100% confident that my nails are top-notch.

As a worry guts I am my own worst enemy!

Any comments gratefully accepted.
Don't do it!!!!!!!!!!
I feel exactly the same sometimes as you just feel that you're never going to get any better! You can't get a job doing nails because you're too slow & inexperienced, and you can't get the experience and improve your speed because you can't get the work - baaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
I feel awful when the few clients I have are sitting there for 2/3 hours just for infills as they've lifted further than the moon! It makes me feel exactly the same - oh stuff it maybe I'm not made for this - then I find myself back on this website and dreaming of how good I'll be oneday!!
It's an obsession and I have to accept that and keep practising on my nail trainer mate that I sit cursing at time and time again!!
I'm sure one day that we both will be able to do a top set o' nails like other techs on here that you read about - after all they all started somewhere too.
Don't give up , take inspiration from the others and achieve your goal!!
Thanks very much for your remarks - it is so depressing when you get these moods come on you isn't it ... I just feel at the moment as though I'm going nowhere!

Sorry - dont mean to set a downward tone to the site - just not feeling very happy with it all at the moment. Guess I just got a decision to make - but as you say it is addictive and hard to break away from.

Well love looks like you got a bad case of self doubt....................
This will only go if you stick with it...............
No Nail training in the world will give you confidence..........but believing that you are doing great nails and that they are worth more then the £10.00 will do that ....
Most of the clients you have done, say charge more......... so they must think that your nails are good..................
So why don't you listen to them, I don't think they would lie to you , do you ????
When we first start out, nothing is top notch, this comes with perseverance, experience and and a love for the job we do..............
Do you really love doing nails ???
If the answer is yes then, go and kick some butt...........
If you don't then find another job..........
Sorry if this sounds hard, but it will make you look at things in a realistic sort of way....
As for training courses, well this site is the next best thing you could get from one to one training anywhere else............
So if you have a problem with nails and want an answer or hints and tips and trick, this is the place to learn............and it is free...............
So stop beating yourself up and go for it ..............or change jobs
sermon over have a {{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}
love Ruth xxxxxxxxxxx
Dont give up!!!!! I felt the same, just qualified in May this year. My nails are not what I,d say perfect, but i love doing them. still having trouble with blending tips though so if anyone out there could help!! Personally I dont think the Creative Nail Course is long enough, 4 days beginner, no, should definately be longer BUT ONE DAY I WILL BE A BRILL TECH AND SO WILL YOU! please dont give up!!
The girls on this board have already given you some 'chin up' and honest advice. I'd actually like to know what training you've actually done?? Surely you are getting support from your chosen product line? Why not go ask them for 1-2-1 on whatever it is you think you are not doing well? Equally, you say you are a worrier---You must know that worrying is the most futile emotion in the world because it doesn't SOLVE anything!! You either get on with it and listen to your clients who seem to be happy or what? keep on worrying - that doesn't make sense does it..Ruth is right, become more confident via BETTER education and belief in yourself - if your clients belieive in you that HAS TO BE A POSITIVE THING!!
Yes you may think I have been a little harsh here, but I have been reading your posts since Feb this year and you have said this a few times before... if WE can believe you can do need to start believing it too! If you need help PM me! Best of Luck! ;) :shock:
i, like you have really cack days at the moment i have a home salon and im lucky to get three customers a week (trying to get people through the door!) but i come to this board with all my woes - and there have been MANY - but i get the support and confidence from here - just like having a hug from a best mate.
there are alway clients who 'know better than the tech - the "oh, my old tech did it like this " but if your clients are telling you to charge more....that would boost my confidence and im the worlds worst worrier
if you 'love' doing nails then stick at it you'll only look back with if only's.
Nothing great in life is ever easy..and would we still want it if it was....
Hi Sue,

I qualified 5 years ago and did not start 'doing nails' properly until May this year when I got a Saturday job in a salon. (Cannot do more with children, school etc. :( )

It has given me the kick up the behind that I needed.

I, like you had no confidence, thought that every set I did was pants!!

Five months down the line and clients ask for ME!!! :oops: It has boosted me soooo much. I have 4 regular, private clients and all of them say no-one else is touching their nails now!!! Don't get me wrong I still worry about EVERY set and infill that I do and no-one is more surprised that me when I go back and there is no lifting!!!! lol

It has taken time - Stick with it - it will get better - YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Wishing you all the best
Dear Sue,
Isn't it great to have a site like this that so many people offer so much support! Every day I read it now and try to pull strength from it.
Makes me sound a bit of a wierdo I know but trust me I too need self belief to go forward & achive!
Thanx everyone it means soooooo much to a lonely newbie nail tech!!!
Luv Ali x

Its like you all read my mind! Ive been having a crap day with nails. Ive practised for what seems like forever with my nail trainer, worked in a salon for a bit, and done my friends nails, but i still think when am I ever going to get better at this!!! Its good to know that you all have felt the same at some point and that im just normal.

I want to start my own business in a month or so but i think i would never leave the client with a set of nails they (or me) would be 100% happy with. But I have good days and bad days.

Im hoping converting to creative products will make life easier, but now im thinking of doing a foundation course, in the hope that i will be able to perfect the skills i have but its so expensive.

So in a nutshell sue, dont worry, if your clients werent happy, they wouldnt come back to you; theres hundreds of nail techs out there, but they choose you! Think of haw far you have come since you started, and how you will always improve.

Good Luck! )
Hi girls - I am so appreciative of all the help, assistance & guidance you have shown to my dilemma. I was adament that THAT was it with nails. Thanks to this site alone and in particular a fantastic lady from this site (who has been Messaging me in private) - I am now keeping an open mind about it all.

I am determined at least to try the trial kit for Creative and think about a Conversion course with Creative.

From all the things I hear - CREATIVE is the way to go ... and I'm not gonna give in till I at least try the product for myself.

Thankyou all so much ... you've all been so kind. Its nice to know also that others out there do feel the same from time to time. Maybe we should join together to have a POSITIVE THINKING site!!!! Mind you - we get that by coming onto this site - Positivity abounds in here ... THANK GOD!

I have always said this is the NUMBER ONE site - and I stand by that - 1st rate Management and definitely 1st rate members ... CHEERS!

Thanks for coaxing me - especially my Private Messenger Buddy!

Love & Thanks
Hi Sue
Even though it looks like the conversation is sorted l wanted to put my two pennith in :D l know exactly what it is like when you want/need to do more training like the conversions with creative and the price but if we think about it, it is the knowledge and experience as well as the products that we are paying for. we all have days when we doubt ourselves we say it is the product we use or the way we build the nails but with practice and knowledge (l have gained tonnes of that from the wonderful peeps on here) with the 'other' products you can do great nails so when you get into the 'total babe' products we are :D remember your first set, it took me 4 hours and my words were what am l ******* doing (excuse me) and they looked like they had a very bad disease. my head knew what to do my bloody hands didn't. All good nail techs are striving for perfection when we get to doing great we want them better - this is good it means don't matter how long we have been doing them we are all still learning and that is what makes 'nails' our ambition :goal: Put your prices up and start believing in yourself, at the same time save like a lunatic and book your conversion. never know might see you there. long winded l know - always told l was a fart with a bonnet on :D :D
"CHEERS" Trese ... love to receive messages - and more so on this site. Thanks fro your message.


Don't give up Sue. Iv'e been reading your posts of indecision and lack of confidence. I know exactly how you feel. I passed my course last Christmas & so far have managed to net myself one client - (don't laugh) my mother- in-law. I have done the odd friends nails here and there but it seems I take too long. 3 hours is usually the time it takes to do a full set (infills too). I am physically challenged and my hands/fingers are no longer nimble. My fingers are weak & holding a nail file is difficult. I use an e-file(NOT on the natural nail I hasten to add) & it has made a big difference. I did my m-i-l's nails in 2 hours last week & I was beside myself - a whole hour knocked off my time whooppeee. I don't think my times will be much less than 2 hours but what the heck. I LOVE doing nails & simply WON'T be put off. So don't give up Sue, if I can trundle through at my mundane pace YOU CAN certainly do it too.
Love Lyn [/b]
hi i'm new to this forum and i often just read through everyone's queries and their replies. when i read yours i felt i must reply as i used feel exactly the same. i did a rubbish 2 day course at my local college in march of this year, i came away with a certificate of attendance and was told to practice, practice, practice. i didn't have any back up or technical support and often wondered if i was doing everything correctly. i also started off charging £10.00 for each set but persevered and with encouragement from clients i now charge £20.00 which they are quite happy to pay. some of my regulars used to go to posh salons and were never happy with the quality of work they received and they tell me the sets of nails that i do are mech better. this gives me a real boost and makes me more determined to make it. i use nsi l+p at moment and would be interested to any views anyone has about them. bye for now!
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