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Jan 5, 2004
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Yorkshire Dales
Courtesy of our Father, my sister inherited his completely flat nails, they are also fan shaped :eek: I have chosed the correct tips, pre tailored. taken the free edge down etc and I am using Creative L&P to create enhancements.

Yesterday we soaked them off in preparation of a new set as she doesn't like the feeling of her natural nails growing up behind the enhancement. The nails had grown loads but from the free edge had turned upwards like a ski jump nail as if you had bent the white of the free edge back on its self. To the touch, every nail is completely flat and til it reaches the free edge then it could rival Ali Baba's shoes! :D

They do not hurt , but, I am intrigued to know why this happened, is this normal for flat fan shaped nails? She's had them on, rebalanced etc and they look fantastic, very feminine and appear nothing like her usual flat/fan shaped nails, very gentle on her hands, uses solar oil twice per day.

Can I stop this occuring, :idea: or should I just place an advert for a Genie & 40 thieves instead? :biggrin:


It isn't at all unusual for very flat nails to ski jump when they get any length on them.
Some have reported that the skiing tendancy lessens after years of wearing enhancemnts but I have no data to aupport this claim. Jan Arnold of Creative says that her nails do not ski snymore thanks to years of wearing enhancements ... I have done her nails and can say that this is true.
If they look beautiful when enhanced then I would just keep them that way and renew sets a little more often than with a normal client .... probably 3 or 4 times per year.
Thanks for your reply Gigi.

I failed to state within my original post that my sister has never had the ski jump effect on her nails before. It doesn't matter how long or short she has them they still remain flat and fan shaped, so, is it me or the enhancements that she has worn only for the past couple of months?

This is the first time in her life that they have ever bent upwards a la Ali Baba shoe effect. :eek:

I agree with you, they look fab with enhancements, much better than her natural nail shape and she should keep them on , but, she wants a break to see if they go back to normal which is understandable :rolleyes: - would just like to give her an idea of why they have suddenly turned towards the sun & stars!


ps thought of you the other day, advert in our comedy daily newspaper which incidentally comes out weekly, had a two bed end of row cottage in your old village in need of full modernisation offers in excess of £300k :eek:
Can i ask did you use tips on your sisters nails ?
Because sometimes after wearing tips, Where the nail as been blended it can leave a small indentation. This can give the effect off ski jump nails when removed.
Hello Lesley

Thanks for your reply, yup, I did use tips - formation from Creative.

I have never seen anything like whats happened, if she has an itch on her chin I'm scared she will take an eye out scratching it! :eek:

Re your tip/blending/ridge theory - do you think that this is related to flat/fan shaped nails, has it happened to you or have you seen it on anyone?

It hasn't happened to anyone else whoses nails I have enhanced, so I'm puzzled :suprised:


Yeah i have very flat nails too, and this has happened on me before, but only when using tips. I have never had any problems with sculpts though.
Lesley - thanks for replying so quickly!

Phew :D I am quite relieved that it could be the flat nails and not me! :o

D'you think that a L&P overlay would weigh them back down IYKWIM and make them flat again or d'you think she should stick with fanned out flatties in future? :(


If you first file down the fanned out shape, Then sculpt the nail, You should be able to correct the flat,fanned out shape and give the illussion of a normal shaped nail.
Thank you Lesley 1965

I shall follow your words of wisdom and let you now if we conquer them! :)

Just a little depends how jumpy and flat the nails are..........
Ski jump nails are a hard nail to sculpt on, as you will have a difficult time creating an arch / apex without adding bulk to the nail...or correcting the uplift of the ski jump.........
I would use a tip for the nail.
This would also make it easier to correct the fan shape.......

File back the natural nail to the free edge, reduce your contact area to a minimum....check your side view, to make sure the tip curves down and use Gelbond to adhere......
Adhere the nail in a downward position to correct the jump effect.......Then overlay with what ever system you choose..

But try either and see which ever way looks the best on her hands....... Do trial nails, one of each and then see.............

Just a thought Hun xxxx
Hi Ruth

Thanks for your reply.

The ski jump effect isn't normally there, Helen just has very flat, fan shaped nails. After soaking off the enhancements every free edge under the enhancements had turned skywards. :eek: Aka Ali Baba Shoe effect!

In theory, if I was to completely file away the free edge and leave them for a month, the regrowth would be flat, and she would have her normal fan shaped nails with no ski jump, so how did they do that whilst being under the enhancements? :confused:

Puzzled, but I am siding with Lesley 1965's explanation that it could be from the tips/blending as I can't find any other info in books/on here that offer any other possible explanation.

Any other possible explanations gratefully received

It could also be caused by dehydration following the soak off ... if this is the case, regular use of cuticle oil should rehydrate the plate and it should return to normal.
geeg said:
It could also be caused by dehydration following the soak off ... if this is the case, regular use of cuticle oil should rehydrate the plate and it should return to normal.

a ha......... now that answer will make Helen happy - she's been hinting for a solar drench manicure :cool:

will let you know how we get on, they look too fab compared to what they usually look like to not continue with enhancements, plus they don't match her toes anymore! :rolleyes:

Gigi - did you see my ps to you on one of my earlier replies to you?

flanakat said:
Gigi - did you see my ps to you on one of my earlier replies to you?


Sorry this is off topic but it is Flanakat's thread :) ... I don't know how I missed that.. My my. No wonder none of my farming friends' children can afford to live in the village. How sad. All these lovely Dales villiges will end up as retirement homes ... maybe I should've gone there insead of to Spain!! I probably couldn't afford it now!
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