Advice-therapist calling in sick?


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Sep 2, 2013
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Hi guys, I have a little problem I'd like others opinion on.
I have a therapist who has been with me 6 months, she works Saturday's and in that time has been sick 3 times all on Saturdays, she recently told me she isn't enjoying doing every Saturday (despite her knowing this at the interview stage) so I compromised on one Saturday a month off.
We open at 10 today and she has text me at 20 past 9 (bearing in mind her journey is around 30 minutes) saying "I have just fallen in the shower and banged my head I don't feel well enough to drive"
I responded with "if you have a head injury that is making you feel ill you must go to A&E and I'd like a note of proof please"
I've had no reply and her excuses for sickness are really difficult to believe.
I can't get cover for today so I have had to cancel my personal appointments at a price and cover her clients, some I have had to re arrange because it's not my area of expertise.
I hate rearranging clients especially at last minute and today has made me look so unprofessional.
I have 1 staff member who I wish I could clone because she is spot on and she respects the business aspect I just can't find good all round staff and it's becoming so frustrating!
Does anyone have any advice for me in this situation?
I do like her and she does decent treatments but I am so over being messed around by therapists!
They have good wages and commission structures, I am flexible with thier hours, I treat them to staff meals, free personal products. On the same token I am firm, open and honest I hold regular meetings. I just can't understand it!
Any opinion/advice is appreciated xx
You need to call a meeting with your employee and let her know you will be putting her on review for (your concerns IE sickness, lateness etc), normally putting an employee on review or even having a quiet word with them solves the problem but if not then you'll need to deal with accordingly - if employed under 12 months you can dismiss your employee in certain circumstances but if unsure look at acas
Thank you for your advice xx

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