Advise on a good nail polish please??


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Mar 8, 2012
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New Zealand
Hi sorry another thread by me :)

I want advise on a nail polish...I know there are different threads in the past which I have looked through but want some advise to my question

so I am now doing Shellac and thinking it is fab so far! but want to have a colour range for my l&p clients (that also may want to buy a colour to take home) as shellac over acrylics can be quite expensive and nail polish lasts longer on l&p compared to natural nails and also non Shellac clients.

So...I am looking at OPI as it is well known but would you say I should offer CND colours instead to match with the Shellac? and what are they like? compared with OPI on natural and l&p nails? would like honest opinions as what to buy 1 brand only of nail polish and right now and don't have a huge client base but will be growing as I am concentrating more on my nail business :)

thanks in advance for any advise you can give me!

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