African intimate wax


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I have a black African lady who comes for Brazilian waxing. She’s had it done 3 times now but leaves it longer than 4 weeks in between as she’s busy. But she’s started to get lots of ingrown hairs and what looks like folliculitis as there’s a couple of large lumps with clear liquid and pus coming out when squeezed. I’ve given the usual advice but wondering if anyone could recommend a good product that helps with ingrown hairs. Something she could go and buy easily herself. I’ve heard there are lotions specifically for ingrown hairs but don’t know what they are called. Her pubic hair is in tiny tight curls all over. Anyone got any advice.


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Black skin is very soft and needs lots of aftercare including exfoliating gently with a salux cloth which she can buy direct from the or Amazon. There are lots of counterfeits so buying from a reputable supplier is important.

As well as exfoliating she should be moisturising after every shower. I sell bush balm by outback organics and I also give my clients a sachet after their wax. Outbacks do an ingrowing hair serum which both treats and prevents ingrown hairs. I'm pretty sure they have a retail shop online or you can buy their products from Ellisons or direct from outbacks.

I've improved the ingrown hair problems of all my black clients by selling them these products.

You should be rebooking her every 4 weeks though, black hair is fragile and prone to snapping but it's strong rooted. You need to remove every 4 weeks to prevent problems with excess snapping which causes more ingrowns. Also it's less painful to come every 4 weeks and less pain = less flinching which also reduces snapping.

Her skin will scar dreadfully with ingrown hairs and she can end up with real medical problems. It's important to explain that the more ingrown hairs she gets the more she'll scar and scar tissue causes ingrown hairs so it's a viscious cycle. She MUST come regularly every 4 weeks.


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Thank you. I’ll have a look at saluxshop and outback organics. She always rebooks for 4 weeks then phones to say she needs to change appointment etc. I’ll keep on at her about keeping to 4 weeks and in the meantime I may purchase some lotions etc to see to clients. I’m always worried to recommend moisturising since black skins are naturally more oily and I don’t want her pores to get blocked up but exfoliating I always recommend. I recommend body lotion to those with dry skins. Thank you fir your recommendations. I’ll have a look at those.