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Nov 17, 2003
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Hi all,
Hope you're all well.
I'm looking into airbrushing courses and am a bit confused! :? I was talking to someone about it, and they told me there was no need to take a course as you could teach yourself! Is this true? I would feel more confident if I trained on it, I was just wondering what your views are?

Thank-you :D :D :D
Hi - I am doing the Essential Nails Nail Art Course - you get everything from compressor and air brush to paint and wipes and all the instructions you need on a video. I am very pleased with it, just frustrated coz I don't have enough time to practise. At the end of the course, when you feel confident, you can send your work in and if it is good enough, you will get a certificate. I would recommed it. :D
A home learn course will get you so far if you have a knack and are that way inclined. I'm sure I could learn brain surgery with the right DVD. In my opinion nothing can ever be as good as quality hands on training, but then I guess I would say that as I teach for Too Much Fun. I did two other companies' training before I got that far which I thought really wasn't up to scratch, so choose wisely. Airbrushing, like mastering anything, is ultimately about practice.

Best wishes

We have students turning out great work by the end of the day on our airbrush course ... no joke.

There is no way with a video you could learn all that in one day, not to mention all the tips and hints you receive. However if time is not of the essence then it is another way to learn but there is no way you can beat working with an expert trainer, who is right there to lend immediate assistance when required ... and boy is it required! :D

If you have the option, go for live tuition with a company who has the experts doing the teaching - like K SA RA for instance.
Like Kim, I did the Essential Nails Home Airbrushing Course. It did take me quite some considerable time to get through the video and workbooks, but it is very comprehensive. I am sure it would be easier and quicker to master the skills with a live tutor, but if that does not suit your lifestyle or business, a home study course is the next best thing. Essential Nails also have a telephone helpline which is very good.

The fact that the course includes everything you need to start airbrushing made a difference to me in a small salon where money is tight. I was also able to complete the course in my spare time rather than closing the salon for a day.

It was not easy, and it took quite a lot of will power to finish the course. However, I posted off all my samples and completed test papers yesterday :D

If I don't pass, perhaps I'll be writing a post which says "it was a complete waste of time" :D :D :D Hopefully not!!
Well there are plenty of them about......
There is EN Homelearn, there is K-SA-RA, Melle at All Things Nails......just to mention some.........
Homelearn is great if you just can't get out to do a personal training one.......
But there is more to then just putting the paint in the cup and blasting air....How about the cleaning, the taking it appart and putting it all back together......... This is what I found the trickiest.............long nails and little fiddly spring that kept leaping out of the handle lol and then not bending the needle........

There is no substitute for a tutor, a video can show you only so much, and it doesn't answer any questions there and then as a problem arises......
No one looking over your shoulder to see where you are going wrong....

Saying that thought.......Gina Wallace has done a fab job and if it is a homelearn course you are after, this is the one.............

just a thought
love Ruth xxx
I think you would benefit a lot by going on an airbrushing course. A video is ok to certain extent but what if you have any questions? You can always ask the tv but I'm not sure that it would reply!!!!!

I teach for K-Sa-Ra who a few of the other geeks have already mentioned. If you would like me to send you some of our prices I would be more than happy to.
Does anyone know of an airbrushing course in London? :?: :D
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