Airbrush Paints Cracking


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Stephanie Morris

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Apr 24, 2003
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Can anyone explain why my airbrush paints are cracking when they are top coated??
Recently when I have airbrushed Funky French designs and then sealed them with Su-do airbrush top coat the design is cracking, sometimes immediately and sometimes after an hour or two!!!
Can anyone recommend any good airbrush sealers?? or offer any advice on what we may be doing wrong???

Thanx you

ps - we are using su-do and createx airbrush paints..
Hi Seph,
I had this problem in the early days so dont give up hope like I nearly did !!
a) Firstly ensure the nail plate is clear of any oils etc, then apply your Su-do
base coat & allow to dry. b) You may find that you are applying your paint too thickly so check this & your distance of your airbrush, a few thin coates are better than one thick coat, but also ensure that you are drying each coat before applying the nexy one. c) Apply a generous amount of top coat & seal around the edges !
Also ensure the needle & nozzle are thoroughly clean & not clogged up with paint as this can allow paint to escape when only asking for air !

Hope this will help you !

Luv Sam

;) ;)
The only times that I have found that the airbrush paint cracks [like an old, old oil painting] is when I have mistakenly used the wrong top coat. I have never had any problems when I have used the airbrush top coat that you can buy from Melle at Allthingsnails. I did once buy some top coat, I think it was called airdry..... I even asked if it was for use with airbrush paints and was told that it was ok for that purpose...... but that cracked as soon as it was applied........... :evil: .
Apart from using the correct top coat, I think the previous advice hits the nail on the head.
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