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Jul 19, 2003
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I am having a lot of trouble airbrushing on gel nails. My clients want "permanent" nail art (under the gel) but i can't seem to get it right. If i airbrush under the gloss layer, it peels off when i wipe the nail. I've tried airbrushing, putting a clear polish topcoat then the gloss gel and the same thing happens. The best solutin so far has been to apply the base/bonder gel, airbrush on the tacky layer then build the nail. The problem with this is that the airbrush design isn't crisp, it sometimes cracks and the nails tend to start separating at the free edge. Does anyone have any idea how to do this properly??

When I airbrush onto acrylic nails I use an airbrush basecoat, airbrush the design then seal it with an airbrush topcoat, and my designs are crystal clear, have you tried base and top coats?

This seems to work for me ok.

Jue ;)
Yes, i have tried basecoats and topcoats and that works fine, the problem is that it isn't 'permanent'. My clients want the nail art under the gel so that they can polish over it if they choose and not ruin the design with polish remover. That's what i'm having trouble with...getting the design right under the gel.
What I have tried was to mix some glitter with clear gel and "hand paint" that mix under the gel top coat, that works fine (but it makes the gel rock hard!!). I have also tried the same method with some pigments and have had various results, so I am still experimenting! Good results with foils and shapes tho... you can really build in layers and it looks cool!
I don't do airbrushing but I would imagine that it creates a shiny layer the gel can't stick to (remember that gel CANNOT stick to shiny) and would not put gel over a top coat (wayyyy too shiny!! :D) Maybe looking for different paints as well...
On some of the other boards, some techs say they have managed to make the new Finish (from Young Nails) stay put over nail polish. I have tried and... ermmm it badly chipped!! You might want to ask them..
Maybe try this.........
Apply one thin layer off UVgel, cure and then take of the dispersion film, buff lighly, airbrush french, let it dry thoroughly, apply another thin layer of gel, seal in the free-edge, cure and apply final layer of gel cure and finish...................

Also try this..........
Apply gel, wipe dispersion film, lighly buff, airbrush french and then apply Faze2, it's a gel like coat that doesn't come off with polish remover........

just a thought
hope this does the trick for ya
love Ruth xxx

I don't know if anyone said this already (but my English for al the right terms is not that great yet :oops: ).
But what I do is after the airbrush put a topcoat on it. And it stays on for 4 weeks or so. Good luck

Hi Ruth

Not one to doubt your amazing knowledge.............but :shock: , I think you have to leave 8 hours between applying polish and coating with Faze 2.

Apologies in advance if I'm wrong ;)
Hi Dellie,

You are right about the drying time if you are applying Faze 2 over nail polish the polish must be thoroughly dry.

BUT, if you are applying over airbrushed nail art, you can use Faze2 immediately!!
I have been doing gels alot lately as well as learning to airbrush. Here's how I think you need to do it:

1) Apply gel like you normally would up to the point where you need to apply the last layer, i.e. top coat finish gel

2) Wipe off sticky dispersion film, file, and finish so you have a clean nail but still a little rough surface

3) Airbrush your design; don't use a basecoat :!:

4) Let painting dry

5) Apply final coat of gel, uv cure and wipe off with alcohol or gel cleaner

You should have a "sealed" nail art design under your new gel nail :D

Hope that helps ;)
I have got air brush varnish! Do i spray this once i have finished my desighns? Also if i spray the vanish and get it on the customers fingers how do i remove this? :?

Also its great to be back online cos i have had a virus all week


I've continued to try different methods, the "best" I've found so far is to airbrush over the base gel dispersion layer and then put the builder gel over it, etc.. It holds up well, but the trouble is getting a clear design. What i mean is that the airbrush design breaks apart under the weight of the builder gel. I will try to clean the dispersion layer and buff lightly and see if that works! When I tried to put the AB under the final gel layer, the gel over the AB peels off when i clean the dispersion layer. Finally, can you tell me what Faze 2 is?


Im looking for a gel for natural overlays would faze 2 be a good choice? and is this from Creative? if so would i need product training b4 i buy :?:

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