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Sep 6, 2006
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Good morning everyone,

I have been practicing airbrushing and I have to say, its really good fun. I seem to be having a problem with getting stencils looking defined. I don't seem to be holding the stencil close enough to the nail. Is there any trick to this? No matter what I do it always seems to look a bit blurey?

Thank you for reading everyone x x x
One of the tricks to getting a more defined image when using stencils is to make sure you spray nice and dry and 'directly' above the stencil - don't move your airbrush around when spraying or there's more of a chance of the paint going underneath the stencil.

I use masks these days, much easier - if you want to know more about these and where to buy them just send me an email or PM.

Yep has to be said I find the masks easier to use, especially on myself!

Stencils are fine , but I find you have to get them flush to the nail to get the crisp edges, and like Jackie says, spray dry and directly above.:)
i always airbrush with stencils and i have found in the past a good airbrush makes all the difference. I have an iwata one and if does the job for me. I have never used the masks can someone tell me where to get these from.
masks work wonders also make sure that you apply enough preasure to your stencil when using your airbrush.

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