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Sep 3, 2003
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hi all i have had someone come for a reblance today also and she is saying all her nail have fallen off they where fabric fiberglass what am i doing wrong help?
hi there

Tell us what you are doing step by step then maybe we can tell you where you are going wrong or not as the case maybe ;) :D
1st im filing the nail then doing cuticle work then i am using scub fresh on the nail plate then putting the nail on with gel bond and bleding it in some times i have used a nail blender you paint on then i am putting bond 1 on and then the fabric and then putting bond 1 over the top to soak the fabric up the painting on build 2 and then spaying on blast then waiting for that to dry and then putting boost3 on the then painting on the brush on accelerator the filing and buffing

the lady is coming back tomorrow to have l&p put on should i do this for free help ?

cheers vicky
hi there

things i can't see here are

removing shine from nail
apply bond before tip application not after

i personally would not use a nail blender

hope this helps but i'm sure ruth will give you some more advice ;)
I hope I have helped with this on your previous post Vicky ;)
Right Hun,
Shape the nail ok.........
Cuticle work............does this include cuticle remover???
Side walls too???
Scrubfresh ok.....try a bit of nailfresh and then scrubfresh again....You could even use some acid free Primer after this for clients with very oily nail plates......make sure all products are dry before proceeding to the bond stage........then bond on the natural nail........ apply tip.......
blend tip.........tip blender is a form of acetone and can lead to product brake down....So I wouldn't use it....remove any dust after blending.... then bond again........ then the fibreglass or the silk.......... bond again slowly, so all the bond is soaked up nicely...... build and activate.........Tidy up edges of nail with soft file and a light buff over the nail to remove any blast spray activator.........Then boost, a small bead and work the bead with the blast activator.............Do this 2x......then proceed to the finishing stages.............

Hope this helps you a little bit........

It would help you , if the client could bring in the fallen off tips, so you can see what happened.......... check her nail bed for stress areas or trauma.......this way you can tell, if they had a little help from the client !!!!

love Ruth xxx

thanks ruth for the advice yes i am useing cuticel remover and doing the side wall i will try useing acid free primer thanks and i will stop useing the tip blender as well

i dont know what i would do with out this site you all make things look better at the end of the day thanks ruth and mrs geek for the advice and everyone

thanks vicky ;)
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