Allergic Reaction to Gel???


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Mar 25, 2003
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Hi All,

I've heard that the system that causes the most problems with allergies is gel.

Can anyone tell me if a client was alergic what should I look out for? What would the symptoms be?

If a client was allergic to the gel what should I do? Cut the nails down and file off as much of the product as possible?

I'd be most grateful for any advice.

YOU are more likely to be the one who develops the allergy rather than your client because you are the one who is exposed for a longer period of time to the product.
The problem lies in the uncured sticky layer (the dispersion layer) that is left on the top after curing. Uncured product is 'reactive' meaning that it will react with whatever it comes in to contact with.
Always wipe the dispersion layer towards yourself and do not let it touch the clients skin.
Keep any sticky gel off YOUR skin - pots scrupulously clean along with brush handles. Everytime you feel sticky, wash your hands immediately.

Once the enhancements are cured, they are no longer reacting and there fore there is no need to remove BUT if a client was itching after the treatment and complains of it to you, that is asure sign that she is becoming overexposed and you must change the product you use. Once an allergy is present there is no going back - once allergic always allergic.
Allergies can be avoided by working clean ands staying out of the product.
Thanks Geeg!

That confirms everything I've read about allergies and gel.

I put a set of nails on my sister and she thinks she's allergic to them. She's on holiday at the moment, so I'll have a look at them when she's back.

Thank you again!

Be careful of jumping to conclusions.
An allergy usually does not happen overnight.
Usually it is the result of repeated exposure to a chemical until the skin says, "Ive had enough!"
Normally starts with the itching syndrome (this is just saying that the skin is irritated) which if ignored can turn into a full blown allergic reaction (blisters, weeping, open sores etc) much more dramatic.
If she has caught it at the itching stage then change products immediately.
Liquid and powder or wraps if it is a gel she is having the problem with.
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