Allergic to the MONOMER!!


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talented talons

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Mar 24, 2004
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Hi fellow Geeks,
Just wanted to share something with you that i feel alot of people probably ignore and put up with. From the start of using Star Nails L&P, i have always suffered with itchy eyes that water, a runny nose which gets very blocked and makes me sneeze eventually which usually gives me a headache and makes me feel lousy for the rest of the day sometimes two to three days after.

Now i've read before that it has nothing to do with the monomer, its the dust when filing. Well i can say that it is NOT the dust from filing although obviously this irritates the condition anyway but its not the cause for me. It all came apparent to me on Saturday when we had our Essex Geek Meeting. We were all playing with various products and i had tried someone's Creative L&P to compare it to what i use. I never had a problem with creatives, used EZ Flow's L&P and didn't have a problem. As soon as i opened my Star Nails monomer it started.

As i have used this since January and always had abit of a problem, i assumed it was something to put up with, hazzard of the job. But it's not!! I now am using EZ Flow and don't get any problems what so ever. I just wanted to let you all know in case someone else out there is suffering the way i was and needn't be.

Has anyone else suffered with this?

I know the dust is a hazzard but my symptons start as soon as the liquid is in my dappen dish and i'm no where near the point of filing. just thought some of you would like to know.:)
Sawasdee ka

I think that many techs start with star nails products but after they move to the products that they like to use .

The one thing i did not like about star nails products was the liquid smell very strong it was only after i use other companys products that i know that all products are not the same and the product i use now i think is better for me and my salon and i make a better nail enhancement with this product but that is only what i think .

I do agree with you Mui that the Star Nails L&P does stink. I did think all of them would but thankfully i've found others that don't smell any where near as bad.

Its just a case of trying what works best for you, and what you find best to work with.:)

I also suffer with blocked nose and sneezing every time i do nails!! i have always put it down to the dust as i always feel light headed as well, i have used NSI and Creative products thats why i thought it was the dust as it has happened with both products. I have just ordered EZ Flow Acrylic starter kit i just hope the problem goes as i hate wearing masks(not that they realy help), i also have a desk top extractor fan which also dosn't really work.

any other suggestions would be grateful,
mandy. :)
I think what doesn't help is the smell of the monomer. It is very strong sometimes, although i have to say that creatives monomeris okay andas i said EZ Flows is alot more pleasant than some i've used.

Hope you get on better with EZ Flow, it has certainly worked for me.

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