Alternatives to nail art - please advise


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Jul 19, 2010
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Just got the last day of my CND foundation training to do and I want to start charging soon afterwards.

In case clients ask for nail art I am wondering what I can offer them in the meantime whilst I hone my L&P skills and eventually learn how to do nail art.

Any ideas?
Little gemstones, flicks using acrylic paints, pre designed tips. Have a look on you tube or the search on here and there are quite a few ideas
Konard stamping , clay canes , stickers, glitter , dryed flowers , anything really ,
Woohoo! Thanks Ladies. I get bamboozled by all the different terms/products and what's the best and the easiest at my level :)
Nail Transfer, self adhesive just need sealed in, a nice quick and effective option.
If you can find some very fine lace and cut it to the size of the nail plate, stick it on, it looks amazing :D

Black lace on top of nude or pastel colours goes great :D
Nailtopia always have some amazing nail stickers. They have stuff for everyday, as well as seasonal offerings such as Halloween and Xmas.

Yes, I would agree with the others... if you start with transfers, applying the occasional gemstone, and make sure you have some glitter topcoats in too - these are sometimes 'enough' and can look lovely over French especially. xx

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