Am I being unfair with travel expenses?


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Feb 23, 2012
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Clevedon, Bristol
Ok so I have a client who said the travel expenses are unfair...

How much do you charge?

She lives an hour and 15 minutes away (one way) so that's 2 and a half hours travel time for just the consultation and then again for the fitting. She contacted me, I do not advertise in her area.

So I work out travel estimated petrol cost on google maps (exact to the penny) then only charge a fiver an hour for me to actually drive there.

How Much would you charge? I charged £25 for the travel for the free consultation (I do state that travel applies) and £25 extra for the fitting... Is that really unreasonable?
She is paying a privilege for your professional experience and time! Charge her!!
I think this is reasonable, and would expect to pay this myself. I would be extremely grateful for someone to come all that way to me!
And to be fair if I get held up in traffic anywhere that is more time and more petrol which I don't charge for. Also I dont charge for the extra 15 minutes only the hours and it's not like I make it up I get exact figures. Just feel like people want something for nothing now a days. :(
She wants good extionsioinst then she should expect to pay, i think your charges are very fair. There is not just time and petrol to tak into accout but also the extra miles your clocking up on the car and wear and tear, tyes dont last forever.

Depending on how long it takes for you to fit why not suggest she ask friends if they might be interested in extenions as well, and youcan do both consultations on one day and fit them at one of their houses one afterthe other on the same daym, that way they could share the fuel cost and travel time cost between them and you get a new client?
What a brilliant idea! That sounds great! Thanks for the advice :)
What a brilliant idea! That sounds great! Thanks for the advice :)

obviously only you know how long it will take you to do, not sure if you have other commitments but ifyoucan assign a day one week to the area she is in and get vtheir for 9 and say that you can be in the area untilk 5 that gives you 8 hours, if you work out ho many full heads you can do in that time and get her to spread the word you could make enough in profit in theday to ventually not need to charge the extra?

but by simply gaining one client through her you can reduce her costs which shes not happy with but make your self a little more.
Both good ideas I get a little business from that area but enough to fill one day a month and maybe do the same with the maintenances all on the same day to reduce costs?
That doesn't seem unfair she has obviously tracked you down because your great.

You shouldn't have to but you could keep a copy of your petrol receipts-again you shouldn't have to but if she wants to see actually to the penny what it's costing U that's an option.

If it were wedding hair and say you worked in a salon some places would charge for travel time and cost, so she is being in fair not you. The idea about doing a double appt is really good-I've a fries who does 'hair party's as a few of her clients know each other they all meet (and drink) at ones house and she offers a discount for group booking

All the best :)
Hey Hun, I had a new customer email me today. She was 1 hour & 20 mins away one way and i also charged her £25! so we must be on the same wave length. I did give her the option of coming to me also but i heard nothing from her after i mentioned the travel cost. At the end of the day thats 3 hours extra we are spending on those clients in which time we could be doing other treatments. I dont think its unfair at all. I personally want it to be worth my time x
Good good I'm glad it isn't me being unreasonable I'd hate to get there not to be paid, I do advertise that travel is not included and I do give them the option of coming to me. A lot of people say can they meet me half way? Well no I can't really do a fitting in a cafe lol :) love it!
Ok so I have a client who said the travel expenses are unfair...

Ask her where she got her teleportation device so you can use it for her appointments?

People don't seem to realise that the time wasted travelling could be spent servicing clients and therefor making money. Everyone charges for travel - wedding photographers as a prime example - its only right and fair.

Stick to your guns, you're not wrong here.
haha iv had that too! hmm yes lets do a set of extensions at a bus stop! :D. although might make good advertising!! ha
Haha! Brilliant! Lol! :p

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