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Mar 22, 2004
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Rudgwick, West Sussex
I've been doing nails for a little over a year and constantly swing from feeling quite confident about my ability to apply beautiful nails to feeling that I am completely useless and almost chucking the whole thing in.

Is this normal and does it ever get any better?

What is making you feel useless ??

The tricks that your clients pull that undermine your confidence?
The fact that you yourself are not happy with your work?

Look at the whole picture. If it is only a few , out of many, who seem to have the problems then this is normal.

Are you keeping most of your clients and still building a base or are they coming and going at a fast pace.

Not keeping your cients and being inconsistent with the end result of your work would mean that you havve work to do to increase your skills. BUT don't let a few odd complaints get you down ... women are women, and the public are the public! There are all kinds and sometimes it is not easy. Take the rough with the smooth ... it is part of everyday in the life of a nail technician.
Thanks again Geeg!!!

It is just the odd one that is getting me down. I've just done 2 clients this evening and both came back for infills and they both still looked great (even if I do say so myself!!!). I have kept hold of a core client base for a year now and they are still recommending me so I guess I'm not that bad!

I think when you have a negative it really knocks your confidence and typically I tend to dwell on the negatives and forget all about the positives.

Oh well here's to trying to be more positive in the future!!!

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