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Jun 5, 2004
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Hi all, I'd just like to know how to deal with unqualified 'techs' selling their wears without letting people know their previous career was a stand in for the butcher of barcelona? Have tried the trading standards but to no avail.As a trainee,I feel it unfair on myself and others alike who work damned hard to do things the right way, when there are people out there who just throw money at suppliers and then proceed to severly damage the image of the nail business. Should we just bury our heads in the sand?:confused:
Well maybe you should know that there are people (and there have always been those) who work behind the scenes who are concerned about 'tightening up' regulations etc. But when the government is involved, things take allot of time and Nail regulations and changes in the law in that area are not considered quite as important as say the laws on immigration and the war in Iraq! :D

So I say, YES ... in the meantime, keep your head down and work to the best of your ability to 'fly the flag' for the concerned and competant nail technicians out there who are doing a good job.

In my years of experience there have always been terrible nail technicians ... If they are terrible and in the same town or area where there is someone who is really good ... the word gets around and in no time the bad ones disappear.

There was a girl in my area in Leeds who had been doing nails for 20 years (badly ... using dental L/P ... no hygene ... assembly line etc) Guess who saw her go out of business in a couple of years?? And just because we showed clients that things could be done differently and to a much higher standard.

So as I have said before, use the opportunity to raise your standards instead of fuming about someone elses bad work (and the nail companies who sell to those who have no education because they want the short term gain and not the long term pain of providing good education) ... and they will soon be history.
I agree with you, Debz ... unqualified techs and the level of their work/hygiene gets on my nerves too. We're out there trying to provide a decent service, and dispell the myths that 'acrylics are bad for your nails', when there's always someone out there that is damaging people's nails, due to their distinct lack of education.
But Gigi's right ....the only way to beat these so-called techs is with a big stick .........sorry, couldn't resist that!!! No, the only way to beat them is to be the best yourself, and these bad techs won't last the course, cos after all, no lady is gonna go twice to someone who does a lousy job , now are they?
Is it always lack of education though, yes i agree with you its frustrating that we work hard and others out there are ruining it, but what about the use of MMA and as geeg stated using dental L&P may be not because of lack of education but more because its cheap to use etc yet their getting clients maybe not coming back but their still getting. So as far as their concerned all is well they probably know the damage that they are doing but their making the money from it and believe me although they may not get the clients going back their still getting a pretty good business out of it and unfortunately theres not much more we can do about it! there are so many bad nail technicians surrounding where i am and i am finding it extremely hard to get clientele which is frustrating for me and angers me but i have to educate my clients at the end of the day they dont know the difference they just want their nails to look nice but not realising the consequences. So lack of education can be the problem but its also the bad technicians disrespect to the nail industry. As long as we work hard the right way im sure we will get there in the end x
As has been said already it is about educating consumers to know what is the good way to have your nails done.

A good way to start is when clients call round asking for prices, as they do - dont just give your price but turn the question round and ask if they have had nails done before, how did they get on with them - tell them the products you use and if they say anything about nails causing damage then you can tell them that it is not the product but the way they are applied or removed which causes the damage etc. Then you can explain your pricing structure.

If you do this in a friendly informative way rather than a "know it all" way slating other salons then generally they won't call anyone else LOL.

We have to remember that Joanne Public may never have had her nails done before and will not know what to expect - if she gets a poor job she may not know that this is a poor job until she gets a good job LOL.

Spend your efforts being the best you can be rather than worrying about the others.
:) Thanx for your advice peeps, will try and not let her shabbiness get to me. And when my cuticles and melted nail plate finally recover from primer saturation I'm sure I can get back to the job in hand!!!! (serves me rite for sussing out other peoples techniques really!!!!!) Anyone got a baseball glove!!!!! lol
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