An experiment that really worked!!


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It was time for me to tint my eyebrows and lashes yesterday and I decided to do a little experiment. I tinted my lashes as usual with blue/black and instead of the usual black for my brows I decided to use grey with a tiny dot of blue/black just to see. Well it turned out absolutely lovely, much nicer than the black. It lifts the eyes completely and gives a much fresher look (I can imagine some of you thinking Im going around with blue brows, but this is definately not the case, believe me!). I have blonde hair and blue eyes and it really enhances blue eyes. Its also really lovely with very dark blue shadow to line the eyes. I will definitely be doing this in the future. When applying it might be better to put it on and off until you build it up to the right colour for yourself (if you are brave enough!) See what you think
Wow thanks for sharing! I might well try that! :)

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