Another allergy question, sorry!


I know recently this topic is popping up everyday, but i have one more question, if you are allergic to one brand of monomer does that mean your allergic to them all?

thanks geeks i know this topic has been done to death now!:):)


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In a word - probably!

The thing is, if you know you are allergic to one brand of monomer, you really shouldnt expose yourself to any more monomer because each repeated exposure can heighten the allergy.
If it definitely is monomer allergy, perhaps you could look at other systems like gel or fibreglass. Still you need to be aware that you/your client is product sensitive and be vigilant with your application and in looking for any reaction in your client, in case a sensitivity occurs with other systems too.


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Monomers contain many ingredients one is not allergic to monomer but to a particular ingredient in the monomer. You have to know which ingredient it is and find a monomer that does not contain that particular ingredient.

So the answer to your question is NO ... being allergic to one monomer does not mean you would be allergic to all but finding out which would be suitable can be a dangerous and painful game, and that is assuming you know the ingredient you are allergic to which I am assuming you do not.

For what it is worth many who are allergic to ordinary monomers (which all contain the same ingredients although maybe not the same formula) have found they are not allergic to CND Retention +. You could get a try me kit and see and it wouldn't cost you much.

Some are allergic to R+. One can become allergic to anything if overexposed to it.