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Feb 27, 2012
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So I've had another one of my ladies text and say her tan pretty much disappeared in two days. I sprayed her on the thursday night and she had to put her own fake tan on for the Saturday night. Needless to say im mortified but her first spray was perfect. She promises she didnt bathe, only showered, and didnt use any oils so it must be me :( What am I doing wrong? Should I up my density?

So frustrated.
I would see the tan asap. it sounds to me like it just wasnt the colour she was expecting it to be and therefore applied more bronzer to get it to the colour she required.

If it was the same solution you used last time on her, it could have been a few things. Maybe your gun was turned down a fraction more than last time, maybe her prep wasnt the same, maybe you held your gun a little bit further from her body. I dont think you done anything "wrong" per se, i think the client just expected it to be darker.
Hi guys, another one of my tans has disappeared next day, i even did a 10% instead of an 8% but its pretty much washed off again :(
I've read a lot about Sienna oxidising, is this what happens??
If your solution had oxidised then it would be green and you would know about it.

Can you give more information about the tans that are gone too quickly please.

Here's an idea of the kind of info I mean:
How many ml approx per tan are you using?
How close to the clients skin are you when spraying?
Are the tans ok at wash off?
What percents are you using?
Are you shaking the solution before spraying?
What prep are you telling clients?
What are clients using (shampoo/conditoner/shower gels) in their prep shower?
Are clients happy with colour at wash off?
How often are clients showering/bathing?

The more information we have the easier it will be to try and work out what is going wrong.
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