anti-bacterial WHAL or anyone?


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Gailz Nailz

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Feb 8, 2003
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I was looking for a sanitizer for the exam at state board and this is what the ladies at Sally's Beauty Supply told me to use. They said alot of people are useing this. Its blue and has a very sweet smell to it. Its in a spray bottle. It kills HIV. protects, cleans, lubricates, deoderizes and conditions your implements. It has on the container that it is accepted by the National Association Of Barber Boards. Is this product ok to use at state board to spray my table and santize my implements with? :?: This product was $9 for the container. Or would it be best to just use Barbecide? Thanks for any help :)
You should probably call someone in your state and make sure. Every states rules are different. Would hate for you to be marked down because someone from another country said "sure use it!" lol
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